Where to have a local friend chat on fashion trends in Vietnam?
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Where to find a local friend chat on fashion trends in Vietnam?

Vietnam is known as an attractive traveling spot for beautiful beaches, delicious food, and friendly people. However, with the economic development and cultural exchange, have you ever wonder how trending fashion in Vietnam? If you want to know more about fashion trends in this S-shaped country, don’t miss a local friend chat to catch up with!

local friend chat vietnam fashion chau bui decao

Unique fashion style of Chau Bui and Decao – Source: Internet

Find a local friend chat on Instagram to update trending local fashion

For fashionista worldwide, Instagram has been always a No.1 place to enjoy and catch up with trendy fashion. Moreover, this is the largest social network for people who love art and search for beauty.

With posts in image form, it makes the platform look stylish and cool. Furthermore, users can have an account in his/her own favorite pattern like black and white, pastel, vintage style, etc. It’s up to the way they post and arrange photos. Thanks to this, it’s easy to follow the trends in local and find a favorite style as the same as yours.

local friend chat vietnam fashion quynhanhshyn

A hot face of Vietnam fashion youth on Instagram – Source: @quynhanhshyn_

With a few steps to search by hashtags like #vietnamfashion, #vietnamstreetstyle, #vietnamoutfit, etc you can easily find what’s trending in Vietnam. Particularly, you can search for a detailed location for seeing how fashionable it is. It’s a way to know more about how’s the fashion industry like in this developing country.

Besides, there are massive local shops on Instagram with gorgeous collections through seasons. In particular, there are many shops selling designed-clothes in limited editions. Hence, if you’re into unique garments, you can’t miss this social network.

local friend chat vietnam fashion on instagram

Many unique shops of Vietnam youngers on Instagram to explore.

Most Vietnamese people with a sense of style have accounts on Instagram especially younger. This is where they express their fashion taste or lifestyle. Some famous accounts are quynhanhshin_, chaubui_, kelbinlei, vietnamesestreetstylegroup, and so on. You can visit their accounts to see the updating in the latest fashion in Vietnam. Or through these people, you can find interesting shops with pretty designs in diversified styles. Instagram also recommend similar accounts for you to follow. That’s why you can constantly update your favorite things.

local friend chat kelbinlei vietnam fashion

Kelbinlei photo on the Vetements Instagram – Source: @vetements_official

In addition, you even have a local friend chat with the same interest in fashion by sending messages or commenting on posts. With shoppers, it’s more convenient when you can direct link to the shop to buy selected products.

Have a local friend chat in most famous Vietnam fashion Facebook groups

Whenever you want to find a local friend chat, Facebook is the first image appearing in your mind. Hence, join groups in your preferred topic is a good choice to make local friends.

For people who love fashion in Vietnam, some popular groups on Facebook can be mentioned such as Vietnamese street style group, HNBMG, THAN KINH GIAY (tentatively translated as Shoe Addicts), Dosiciety-Street style Club, etc. In while, Vietnamese street style group and THAN KINH GIAY are two groups with the largest members.

local friend chat fashion vietnamesestreetstylegroup

A photo on the group’s Instagram – Source: @jinn.banhbaoo

Vietnamese street style group was created in 2014. But now, it has more than 300,000 members. This is where you can post your fashion style photos and not be judged by your taste or economic status. It’s like a forum for people to talk about fashion in any style. Hence, you can see what’s trending in local by following the posts on the group.

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With the contribution of lots of members, the group is developing in vast and become a reputed place in the Vietnam fashion industry. Like its desire, Vietnamese street style group wants to leave the Vietnam cultural impact on the world of fashion. One more wonderful thing about this group is that it only focuses on fashion, not a shopping place. Therefore, it’s really a qualified group for you to have a local friend chat in trending fashion.

local friend chat fashion trends vietnamesestreetstylegroup

A cool jacket is shared on VSSG – Source: Vietnamese street style group

Otherwise, THAN KINH GIAY (tentatively translated as Shoe Addicts) is a place for people who passionate in shoes can share their stories. Besides, there are lots of posts that you can relate to mix and match your clothes with shoes. Like the above group, this place prohibits trading and advertising posts so you can join it to find a local friend chat with the craze in shoes as you.

Keep up with the local trends on popular fashion websites

One of the best ways to update the latest local trend is visiting fashion websites. For an insight into Vietnam fashion, you should visit some local websites like Elle Vietnam, L’officiel Vietnam, Stylemagazine, etc. But these are in Vietnamese only not in English so it’s hard to read them.

local friend chat elle vietnam

Fashion trend corner on Elle Vietnam website.

Hence, you can visit some English websites like vietcetera.com, oivietnam.com, culturemagazin.com and so on to update the Vietnam fashion industry. However, these websites tend to tell about Vietnam fashion with a global impact more than local. Drop by these websites so you can see the change in the local fashion industry to catch up with the global development but at the same time, still express the imprint of Vietnam fashion.

local friend chat vietcetera vietnam fashion

Interesting topic on Fashion corner of Vieteetera.

To know the fashion of Vietnam youngers, you can visit some websites such as Kenh14, Pose.vn, etc. They constantly update the trendy fashion among the youngers. And they also introduce some hot faces in the fashion industry as well. Especially, Kenh14 has many outstanding topics like “What do young people wear last week?”, Photo story, “What to wear to adapt with local weathers?”, and so on. Despite the Vietnamese language, most contents are high-quality images, so you can easily read them. These websites are where Vietnam youths usually visit to keep up with the trends and renew their style. So when reading articles on fashion websites, you can gain more about Vietnam fashion to have a local friend chat on the newest fashion updatings.

In conclusion

local friend chat vietnam fashion

Nguyen Cong Tri debut show at New York Fashion Week 2019 is a hot topic for your local friend chat to catch up with Vietnam fashion industry – Source: Zing news

Although Vietnam fashion industry is quite new with foreigners friends, it still has unique features and an interesting long story behind. So don’t miss the chance to explore what’s going on with the trendy fashion in this S-shaped country.

To dive into this topic, there is nothing better than having a local friend chat. A local friend will help you have a clear sight in the local fashion trends as well as how the fashion effects on local life. So, join some above communities and enjoy your discovery.