Local buddy support you to find the organic food in Danang city
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Find the organic vegetable stores in Danang with local buddy support

Food safety nowadays has a priority position in daily life. Therefore, when you coming to a new town, it is always better to have local buddy support to find organic vegetable stores.

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Demand for organic food is higher and higher today – Image: Ja Ma.

In Danang city, organic vegetables take a higher important role since the local people have vegetables in every meal. Thus, you should know where people provide safe vegetable among hundreds of vegetable spots. In this article, we provide you with a list of organic vegetable stores which you trust in their quality.

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People care about their health with clean food more than before – Image: Elaine Casap.

Find the Thinh An safe food store with the local buddy support

Located in an apartment building in Son Tra district, Thinh An store has a quite difficult location to find. Therefore, you should have your local buddy support find it. Or you can have them ship the order to your address. Hence, you do not need to be worried about this.

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Have local buddy support to find Thinh An organic products shop – Image: Scott Warman.

Thinh An store focuses on the origin of the products so that they can promise the quality of them. Their standard of choosing vegetables is that the farmers use clean nutrition for growing vegetables. Furthermore, there must be no chemicals used in the process. In order to guarantee those standards, they contacted the providers who satisfy the Global GAP standard and the organic farm of a Japanese student. Therefore, they always have vegetables with a clear origin, good quality and safe for health.

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Products from Thinh An shop guarantee Global GAP standard – Image: Lou Liebau.

Thinh An store provides a wide range of products such as many kinds of different vegetables and fruits. They also have the specialities of different regions in Vietnam. Furthermore, there is fresh seafood which is also with good quality and safety.

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Thinh An shop also provides fresh and clean seafood – Image: Oziel Gómez.

Moreover, sometimes they also provide with home-made food such as wild betel leaf rolls, pork pies, BBQ and so on. Furthermore, there is a machine which can verify the safety of the product within the store. Therefore, without the local buddy support, customers can also double check the food right in the store.

Have the local buddy support in the Danang safe food supermarket

If you are worried about the origin of the product, this Danang safe food supermarket is a good choice for you to discover with the local buddy support. Besides the price of each product in the price tags, there is also information about the quality and origin of the product.

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Danang safe food supermarket provides a wide range of vegetables – Image: nrd.

This supermarket is located on Phan Dinh Phung street which is in the city center. Therefore, if you are living in this area, it is so convenient for you. Moreover, no matter wherever you live in the city, it is still easy to find the way to the supermarket due to this location.

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The shop also imports many organic products from other countries – Image: Daniel Klein.

Danang safe food supermarket provides a wide range of organic food. You can be free to choose any kind of vegetable or fruit to have healthy meals. Furthermore, there are also clean and fresh seafood which goes with the verified origin. Additionally, the supermarket also has national and import milk with good quality. It would be more convenient for you to have local buddy support to help you read this information. One more outstanding plus point of this supermarket is the delivery service. If you do not have enough time for shopping, you can contact the staffs through Facebook or phone number to ask for delivery.

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There are also different types of imported milk – Image: NeONBRAND.

Enjoy the organic world with the local buddy support in the Organica shop

Organica mission is to help the Vietnamese customer a healthy life. The shop provides verified organic products without genetically modifies. Therefore, this would be a good place for you to shop comfortably with the local buddy support.

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The shop provides either imported or domestic products – Image: Peter Wendt.

Besides the organic farms which are invested by the shop itself, Organica connects with the farmers from many provinces to help them improve their work and life. In detail, Organica persuades the farmers to change into organic farming so that they can get the international certificate. And the result is that the farmers can have a better consumption volume.

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They aim to recover the organic domestic industry – Image: Sven Scheuermeier.

Moreover, Organica imports organic products from other countries so that the range of product is wider. Therefore, when coming to the Organica, you will have so many options to choose from. Additionally, you can find whatever you would like to buy here. With the local buddy support, you will be able to get all the product information through the package and staffs support. Therefore, do not forget to accompany with a local buddy to here.

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Customers have many choices with a wide range of product in the shop – Image: Julian Hanslmaier.

Organica shop has more than 1,000 products which are verified. There is fresh food such as fish and meat. Dried food is also available in the shop. Furthermore, Organica provides spices and cosmetic and of course, they are organically made. The shop now is working with partners from the US and EU to import the products which are lacking in the Vietnamese market. You can find the shop at no. 90, Hai Phong street, Hai Chau district.

Come to organic LeviMart with the local buddy support

LeviMart is established with the mission of rebuilding the trust in local vegetables follow VIETGAP standard. Furthermore, it improves the Japanese method in growing vegetables in Vietnam. Thus, coming to LeviMart with the local buddy support is a good way to have healthy meals when being in Vietnam.

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Why should we choose LeviMart?

LeviMart provides a wide range of organic products from vegetables to fruits and fresh food. Furthermore, its products if completely are imported from the EU, the US, Japan, Korea and so on. Additionally, there is no chemical preservative. Last but not least, they all are verified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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LeviMart provides good quality products – Image: Greatlakesledger.com.

Located in the city center, LeviMart will be a good choice for you since it is convenient to reach with good quality products.


Totally, by an agriculture country, there is a big volume of vegetables and fruits in Vietnam with high quality and freshness. Therefore, finding an organic store in the city is not too difficult. Moreover, the demand for health in Vietnam is more and more improve. Hence, all you need is to grab a local buddy for support to have a good choice in choosing clean food.