Da Nang fitness - The most trustable places to maintain ideal body shape
Danang fitness center

Keep a healthy life with the best Da Nang fitness

There are many Da Nang fitness centers which have different ranges of price and quality. It is a convenience for those who want to keep a healthy lifestyle.

However, it is not true that you can come to any fitness and do exercises every day. The facilities and staffs in each place are different and suitable for varied purposes. Additionally, there is not much time in a day we can spend on doing exercises. Therefore, it is better for us to take all the advantages in a short time from one to two hours a day for a workout. Hence, choosing a suitable fitness center is as important as choosing the right exercises to reach workout goals.

California fitness & yoga – The most luxurious Da Nang fitness center

California became the biggest and very first international fitness center in Vietnam. It is also the biggest and most luxurious Da Nang fitness. The fitness center goal is to bring a better life. Thus, it is not simply a workout space. California fitness & yoga is also a space for a dynamic and young lifestyle.

the best and most luxurious da nang fitness center

California Fitness & Yoga is the most luxurious center in Da Nang city – Image: California Fitness & Yoga.

Moreover, this is also a famous place that local celebrities usually come for ideal body shapes. It proves the quality of not only facilities but also trainers and service quality of the club. That is the reason why California becomes the biggest and the most trustable fitness center in the country.

The center is equipped with the most modern facilities including workout equipment, swimming pool, yoga space, boxing and dancing space. Additionally, staffs in California fitness & yoga have a strong skilled and many years in experiences. Most of them are foreigner trainers who have international professional certificated. Moreover, they are so friendly and kindness. They are always ready to support the trainee during workout time.

Address: 271 Nguyen Van Linh street, Thanh Khe district.

Ecstasy gym club in Da Nang

Ecstasy is not only a Da Nang fitness but also has other luxurious services. There are the luxurious restaurant, spa, sauna, shopping mall, and entertainment center. Therefore, besides spending time on the workout, you also could have the important appointments here to save time as well.

da nang fitness with cheap price

Ecstasy Fitness in Da Nang is a modern space for workout and yoga.

The fitness club design is modern and luxurious. You could have the chance to improve the efficiency of exercises with the most modern facilities. Moreover, it does not need to wait for using since they equip with a big number of each type of tool and machine.

Additionally, Ecstasy gym club offers trainees with professional and skilled trainers. They are so enthusiastic, friendly, and helpful. Moreover, they usually update the latest workout schedule so that you could reach your goal in a shorter time than expected.

Address: 164 – 168 Phan Chau Trinh street, Hai Chau district.

Quoc Thi – A local Da Nang fitness & yoga center

Quoc Thi is one of the most famous Da Nang fitness centers as a local brand. This center gets a strong attraction to the local gymers due to its modern facilities and trainer team. Most of the equipment in this fitness center is from famous international brands. Moreover, they all satisfy international standards too. Additionally, trainers in Quoc Thi fitness have a long time of experience in training. Therefore, they can give you the best advice and exercises so that you can reach your workout goal in a short time compare to other centers.

quoc thi fitness center in da nang

Space for the workout in Quoc Thi is large and modern – Image: Quoc Thi Fitness & Yoga center.

You can come here to try so many different exercises and find suitable ones. There is a variety of schedules include weight loss, weight gain, muscle exercises. Moreover, the trainers here also can help you to improve your strength, concentration mind, and other skills.

Address: 2nd floor, 72 Ham Nghi street, Thanh Khe district.

Funny fitness center

This is a popular Da Nang fitness center with cheap price and medium service quality. The fitness space is large and fresh with green trees. Moreover, the design of the space is with glass. Therefore, it makes you feel even larger. Additionally, you can change your postures to be accurate during doing exercises. Funny fitness center provides trainees with professional trainers. They are friendly and skilled that can help you much during the workout.

the best da nang fitness club

Skilled trainers will help you to reach your goal fast – Image: Funny Fitness center.

Additionally, there are the yoga classes in Funny fitness center. The trainer is from India which is the origin land of yoga. Furthermore, there is a sauna service in the center which is free of charge. You can spend time to relax after hours of doing exercises.

Address: 43 Do Quang street, Thanh Khe district.

Kingsport Da Nang fitness center

Kingsport Da Nang fitness is a spacious and modern place. This is not only a space for the workout but also a great place to relax. The design of the center is impressive with the modern style and bright theme. Therefore, it helps to inspire your workout. All facilities in this center are modern and up-to-date. Moreover, each type of equipment has a number of pieces. Therefore, you do not need to wait for others’ turns.

the modern facilities

The modern and large space of workout gives you comfortable and convenient – Image: Kingsport Fitness center.

Additionally, Kingsport fitness center offers trainees with strongly skilled trainers. They are not only friendly but also enthusiastic to support you every time. Besides, there are facilities for other services such as spa and sauna. Thus, you also can spend time here to relax and wake all the senses up to enjoy a wonderful life in the coastal city.

Address: 280 Dong Da street, Hai Chau district.


Modern equipment is not everything to make a good quality Da Nang fitness center. However, it helps to improve the effectiveness of workout as well as convenience and comfort. Moreover, trainers experience and friendliness are also an important factor to keep people staying with fitness services.