Cafe in Hoi An ancient town with idyllic instagrammable shots
the rooftop view from Faifo Hoi An

The most trending instagrammable cafe in Hoi An

Hoi An causes tourists who have been in the ancient town tormented by a deep longing. Moreover, it also makes those who have not been here crave to visit the old town once in the whole life. It is because of the heartbreaking photos of the ancient town with yellow walls, mossy alleys. And more than that, the instagrammable photos of the cafe in Hoi An make people more interest in this place. Those photos do not only show the most signature beauty of the ancient town but also indicate the coffee culture of the local. Let’s explore the top best instagrammable coffee shops in Hoi An that you could save the best moments for an amazing trip.

Let’s explore the trending cafe shops in the ancient town in 2019!

Faifo – A famous cafe in Hoi An with the best rooftop view

Faifo is a well-known cafe in Hoi An. It is decorated in an old house in Hoi An that it does not only let customers and tourists experience the ancient architecture of the ancient town but also try the local coffee taste.

Faifo is the best cafe in Hoi An with the amazing rooftop view

The famous check-in corner of Faifo Coffee – Image: @Puiilladaa.

The mainstream color in this space is the brown of the wood and the yellow of the walls. It is a featured image of Hoi An. Moreover, it helps to increase the old theme of this cafe in Hoi An. Therefore, every corner of it could be a great angle of view for you to take photos. From the gate to the staircase, the old wooden chairs, the narrow windows, or the balcony, they all could give you perfect corners to save the moments.

take a photo from the outside at Faifo is also an ideal shot

There is not only the rooftop view but also other corners in the coffee is so instagrammable – Image: @Juugnx.

However, the most special thing that attracts thousands of tourists to come here every day is its rooftop view. The rooftop at Faifo is considered as the most amazing view of Hoi An. Standing here gives you the chance to catch the whole Hoi An ancient town view to your eyesight. The red roofs, the flows of people are moving on the small streets, and the horizon covers surroundings. Especially, watching twilight at this rooftop is an amazing experience. The orange light from the sun which is set down to the clouds covers all the space around you. It makes an extremely romantic scenery.

Address: 130 Tran Phu street.

Rosie’s Cafe – An ideal place for food menu photos

Rosie’s Cafe in Hoi An belongs to two Vietnamese girls who have been friends for more than a decade. The name Rosie comes from their favorite film “Love Rosie”. The story of Rosie taught them to keep faith with hope so that they can end up where they are supposed to be even it takes much longer than it really is. It is also a message that these two girls want to tell their customers as well as tourists.

food menu photo in this nice cafe in hoi an

The food decorations in Rosie’s Cafe is impressive – Image: @Littlegrawnola.

Rosie’s Cafe is an instagrammable cafe shop itself since every corner here is so deeply beautiful and artful. Every decoration in the cafe shop is very detailed. It helps to create a perfect space that customers can take instagrammable photos at every corner in the shop. The design in Rosie’s Cafe is a combination of the modern and old style. From the brown wooden interiors to the yellow mossy walls to the pictures hanging on the wall, they all take you to the old days of Hoi An.

instagrammable food menu

Food decoration is the most impressive thing that keeps attracting tourists – Image: @Mille_hartmann.

It is not only the decorations of the cafe shop that you can take beautiful photos. The food menu must be the main reason that tourists come here for the instagrammable photos. The food here does not only have a great taste but also is decorated impressively. The dishes here are so eye-catching and look delicious. Thus, it is suitable for those who are keen on instagrammable food shots.

One small notice for you is that this cafe in Hoi An opens only until 17h00. Remember to come here early so that you can have a comfortable time to enjoy the great vibe.

Address: 02 Mac Dinh Chi street.

Sound of Silence cafe in Hoi An with the baby blue swing on the beach

Sound of Silence cafe in Hoi An has a very deep story. The owner had a time living in Tokyo. He fell in love with the small and silent coffee shops in the crowded and hustle life in the capital of Japan. After coming back to Vietnam, he chose Hoi An to open a cafe shop with the same spirit as the ones he had tried in Tokyo. It is a place to connect people who love coffee and like to enjoy the silent moments in a day to relax, to find the peace of soul.

the blue swining on the beach in the area of the cafe in hoi an

The blue swing on the beach with amazing views and a breathtaking instagrammable corner shot – Image: @Islaandgisele.

Located on the beach, the Sound of Silence has a great view where tourists can let their eyes be free to the intersection point of the sky and the ocean. The cafe shop design follows the traditional Vietnam wooden house which has a brown color as the mainstream. Therefore, it makes a warm and friendly space. It is a great idea to take photos of the decoration since it has a strong style of Vietnamese architecture. Moreover, there is a tropical garden which leads to the blue ocean. Stepping forward, you will see a heartbreaking scenery which includes a blue swing. This is an ideal instagrammable corner.

the Vietnamese wooden architecture inside this cafe in hoi an

The Vietnamese wooden architecture – Image: @Sound_of_silence_coffee.

Address: 40 Nguyen Phan Vinh street.


Hoi An ancient town is an idyllic place to take impressive photos with the yellow mossy walls and charming lanterns. However, it would be greater if the photo can combine both culture and architecture beauty. Coming to the instagrammable cafe in Hoi An, you will have the chance to save the photos which include either artful or cultural meaning beauty.