How to find good bars in Hoi An for a chilling night hangout?
Nightlife in Vietnam

How to find good bars in Hoi An for a chilling night hangout?

Hoi An offers an ancient beauty of the old town with a rich history. Anyone have been here all fall in love with the tranquil and poetic landscapes. Besides, the delicious food and friendly people are the things make your trip remarkable. However, for who are seeking a vibrant nightlife, there are many good bars in Hoi An can satisfy you. But how to find them? Hereunder is some tips for you to find a wonderful bar in Hoi An. In addition, these tips help you to adapt to local culture and make friends as well.

Enjoy good bars in Hoi An with local friends

The best way to get an insight into a new destination is making friends with local people. It does not only give you a chance to have a new friend but also discover the local unique culture and get tons of helpful advice. So how to find a local friend in Hoi An? 

good bars in Hoi An make local friends

Have local friends help you a lot to discover the town – Photo: @boxedwater.

The first and easiest way is coming to places where locals usually drop by. You can find them at local cafes, parks, public places, etc. Most youngsters are willing to meet and talk with foreigners. This is a chance for them to practice English skill as well as explore different cultures in the world. All you need is just say hello. They are so friendly and excited to tell you everything about their hometown. Therefore, you can have a great trip with useful tips. 

In case you are quite shy and not good at meetups, using local applications to find friends is a nice option. Some popular applications to look for a local buddy is Zalo, Line, Kakaotalk, etc. Whilst, Zalo is the most well-known social network application for finding local friends. However, it’s quite messy with many kinds of people. Hence, Line or Kakaotalk may be good apps for a “less quantity but better quality”.

good bars in Hoi An 4-Edi Libedinsky beautiful bar

You can enjoy the night with local friends at good bars in Hoi An Vietnam – Photo: Edi Libedinsky.

On the other hand, making local friends with the same interest is the idealist choice. You can take up some classes like cooking or crafting. Moreover, the workshop or volunteer activity is an awesome place to meet people who have the same interest as you. You can find these events on Facebook or Groups for expats or travelers.

If you’re wondering which good bars in Hoi An for a night hangout, get a local friend and make your experience to the best. They can recommend well-hidden places suit your demands and join with you as a part of the party.

Join the online expat groups for advice

Nothing better than listening honest reviews of expats like you for finding good bars in Hoi An. There are many groups for expats on Facebook that you can search like DANANG & HOI AN FOREIGN EXPATS, Vietnam Expat Guide, Danang Hoi An Expats, Hoi An Expats, Danang Hoi An Hue Expats and Locals, etc. 

make local friends -johnschno expat groups

Join expat groups on Facebook is a good way to find the same communities with you – Photo: @johnschno.

With thousands of members, these groups are very active. That’s why whenever you have a question or problem, they’re willing to share their experience with you. They’re so precious advice from the people who have met the same issues as you. Furthermore, with the opinions of many people, you can get a multi-dimensional view of a problem. For instance, you can find bars in Hoi An Vietnam fit for your budget or playing your favorite music thanks to the comments. Besides, the reviews may be more honest than reading other places because it’s not about advertising.

Otherwise, not only expats join the groups but also the locals. Therefore, it’s a good place to make friends with locals as well. They are also pleased to give interesting tips for your trip.

Read the blogs to find bars in Hoi An Vietnam

travel guide-glenncarstenspeters travel blogger

Travel blogger is so trending now – Photo: @glenncarstenspeters.

Nowadays, there are more and more travel bloggers and it may become an occupation. With the developing of the Internet, people spend lots of time to search and read online. Travel blogger is a job that you can travel and share your memories with people around the world while you can earn money from advertising. And your experience can be good advice for others. So whenever someone wants to travel to a new country, they always search for information online and read the blogs from popular travel bloggers. As a result, they can find an ultimate guide or according to the topic they need.

brookelark read blog

You can find much useful information through other experience on blogs – Photo: @brookelark.

As said above, read the blog is a good source to get information about the destination. Just type “good bars in Hoi An” “bars in Hoi An Vietnam”, “best bars in Hoi An”, etc and you can have millions of results. They can update the newest bars in the town and tell the details about the ambiance, drinks, price and so on. However, so much information can make you feel confused and hard to choose a suitable one. Besides, some travel bloggers are paid to write for advertising so the information may be not true at all. Hence, you should reference but also consider carefully at the same time.

Hereunder are some good blogs about Hoi An traveling:

Read the reviews on websites for traveling

travel Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is a reliable website to read reviews about a place or service – Photo: Internet.

Reading reviews is the most common way when you want to know about a place or service. Meanwhile, Tripadvisor is the most trustworthy website that lots of people using. Tripadvisor is a reputable website used for nearly 20 years. It has most of the necessary information about a service in the destination. For example, just type your destination is Hoi An and all the recommendations appear before your eyes right away. From where to stay, what to do, which restaurant is good, etc. Especially, all the searching is filtered in a detailed way. It helps you easily to find the right one.

good bars in Hoi An De La Fé

A vibrant bar in Hoi An with a crowd – Photo: Internet.

The best thing about Tripadvisor is the resource of reviews. They come from all over the world with many languages to read. Besides, the website also has a serious policy if they find fake reviews. Therefore, the reviews seem reliable and honest. It gives people a trustful view about a spot or experience. 

To look for good bars in Hoi An, you can visit Tripadvisor to search. Or you can search on Google and it has a result leading to Tripadvisor where you can read multiple reviews of customers who have experienced the bars. Apart from Tripadvisor, you can get lots of useful information on Lonelyplanet as well.