Da Nang weather - How cold does it get in the winter?
da nang weather divides into two main seasons including dry and wet weather

How cold does Da Nang weather get?

To have a good preparation for a great trip, it is better to know how Da Nang weather is.

Due to locating in the south-central coast, weather in Da Nang is impacted strongly by this region weather. There are two main seasons in a year. They are wet and dry ones. The average temperature is around 26 Celcius degree. However, it changes frequently in a year. During the dry season, there might be some cold snaps that you need to prepare some coats to keep good health.

When does Da Nang weather get cold?

Due to the complete separation seasons, it is easy to have a good preparation for the cold time in Da Nang weather. Normally, it gets cold in the dry season. Since the south-central weather is tropical savanna climate, the winter is almost not clear. Da Nang usually has some cold snaps from December to January in the next year. The weather in this time is around 18 to 23 Celcius degree, it corresponds as 64 to 73 Fahrenheit degree. It is the result of the monsoons. There are two main types of monsoon in Da Nang which are south-west and north-east. However, the main one that brings the cold snaps is north-east monsoon which brings the cold winds to make a special tropical winter.

da nang weather does not have a cold winter

There is no snow in Da Nang winter, it is just the cold snaps from December to January.

Also in this time, the average sunshine hours are 69 to 165 hours per month. It means, there are only from 3 to 5 hours per day that it is sunny. The sky during these cold snap is covered with a dark brown theme. Hence, it is better to bring some thin coats within when traveling to Da Nang this time.

Da Nang weather gets higher than 40 Celcius degree in summer

If winter is the ideal time to visit Da Nang to hide from the freeze, summer is not a good time at all. Sometimes, Da Nang weather reaches more 41 to 43 Celcius degree, it corresponds to 104 to 110 Fahrenheit degree. The highest time might fall in April to August. However, it is not true that the weather is always hot during this time. It has the snaps of cooler weather and also has snaps of super hot days.

summer time is also the rainny season in da nang weather

It is usually rainy in the summer when the humidity is high.

Additionally, the ability of rain in this time is higher. It might happen in the afternoon after a hot morning. Therefore, remember to bring a raincoat with you when traveling to Da Nang in the summer. Although this is the summertime full of sunshine, it is not a good idea to take a sunbath. In Vietnam, the UV level in the air is quite high. If you want to protect yourself from skin problems, it is better to not take a sunbath on the beach.


The cold time in Da Nang weather is not long and clear. It is just the snaps. During the winter, the weather is warm and dry as a tropical winter. If you want to hide from the extremely cold weather in the winter, Da Nang is a great place to go.