Hoi An shopping tips you should know to have a truly Hoi An made product
hoi an shopping tips

Hoi An shopping tips you should know to have a truly Hoi An made product

It is not true that all the products sold in Hoi An have the local origin. In contrast, you should know some Hoi An shopping tips to choose the right products for souvenir.

When visiting Hoi An, you can see so many products which are sold on the streets, in the stalls, or even on the riverside. The sellers often introduce all the products are meaningful gifts from Hoi An. They include high-end products with great quality and traditional Vietnamese handicraft. However, the fact is that there are still import products from some neighbor area and even from China. Therefore, the best tip is still to know which one is really from Hoi An artisans.

The most popular products in Hoi An ancient town

It is not difficult to find a place for souvenirs in Hoi An ancient town. If you do not know Hoi An shopping tips, it is still good to stop by any stalls. And choose your favorite souvenirs. They show their products along all the streets. The most popular one might be the wooden tiny stuff and Vietnamese fridge magnets. You can easily see the flats winnowing baskets of colorful lovely stuff which indicates the most significant images of Vietnam including Ao Dai, country maps, Non La, and so on.

famous souvenirs in Hoi An

Image: @Iah_ogn.

Moreover, clothes are the next most popular one that every tourist can see on every street. There are so many designs which are suitable for different occasions. You can come to choose a comfortable set to wear at home or walk around the ancient town. Furthermore, the luxurious sets are also available to choose for the important parties.

Besides, handicraft products are also very popular on the streets. They are so attractive with a colorful and nice appearance. They include the key chains which are made from clothes, postcards, bracelet, necklet, and so on. However, it is not easy to distingue between locally made and imported products. You still need some Hoi An shopping tips to help you out.

Hoi An shopping tips show you which one is the truly local product

Besides lanterns, there are so many meaningful souvenirs that are made by local people. These following products must be the one that you should buy if you are looking for a true Hoi An one.

Silk products and sewing service

hoi an shopping tips to buy silk products

Image: @Middlespahr.

Hoi An has a silk traditional village which is located just 2 kilometers away from the ancient town. The local people here still remain their traditional hand-made method to produce silks. They feed the silkworm with natural materials. After that, all the reeling and weaving silk also do manually too. The artisans always choose the best quality materials to make a silk product. They also have their own quality standards to make sure that they can maintain the traditional village by time.

Therefore, all silk products here indicate an elegant and luxurious quality. As a result, the products which are from silk are also beautiful and will satisfy even the hardest customers. You can choose to buy a scarf or order for a dress. Additionally, the lanterns in Silk Village is also a good place to buy. The good quality and beautiful pattern will bring the best lights.

Hoi An shopping tips to buy hand-made leather products

hoi an shopping tips to buy local leather products

Image: @Hoianinfo.

Leather products always give their owners a luxury and elegance style. Therefore, this kind of product usually gets preferable rather than others. In Hoi An, the leather product is a famous one which is hand-made and fashionable. One of the most important Hoi An shopping tips for you when coming to by leather product is that the most famous and trustable leather shop is Hieu Trung. It is located in Cam Nam, no. 20 Nguyen Tri Phuong street, which is 1.5 kilometers from the ancient town.

Most of the products in this shop is made of 100% cowhide. The rest is from sheepskin or pigskin. There are different types of leather that they make manually. The products are also so diversified. Tourists can come for leather bags, wallets, laptop bags, belts, and so on. There are even smartphone and iPad cases. You can feel free to choose the different designs of leather product at Hieu Trung shop. There are modern ones, and the traditional ones as well. Moreover, if you have any more requirement for your product, the owner will do it for you right at the shop.

leather shop in hoi an ancient town

Furthermore, if you are looking for leather to do your own hand-made products, this is also a good place. Additionally, leather is not only famous in Hoi An due to its great products but also its material quality. Therefore, having a piece of leather as a gift from Hoi An is not a bad idea.

Wooden sculpture products from Kim Bong village

Besides the silk or lantern traditional villages, Hoi An has another wooden sculpture village named Kim Bong. This village has existed for more than hundreds of years with their traditional wooden sculpture job. They make a diversified range of products from the tiniest one to the complicated sculptures. There are some Hoi An shopping tips for you when buying wooden sculpture products in Hoi An. Firstly, there are some stores in Hoi An ancient town sell wooden products. However, they all do not absolutely come from Kim Bong village. They may import from other places at cheaper prices.

hoi an shopping tips for traditional products

Nextly, most of the complicated sculpture wooden products follow fengshui opinion of the local. Therefore, it is better to learn clearly about the products before deciding to buy. These fengshui products include wooden bracelets, statues, house decoration stuff, and so on. Additionally, some favorite wooden products of both local and foreigner tourists are the wooden utensils, combs, and toys.


Totally, there are so many lovely souvenirs in Hoi An that tourists can buy along the streets. However, to choose the meaningful ones which are truly made by local people, it is not easy. With the Hoi An shopping tips above, hope you can choose your favorite gifts to save your trip.

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