Hoi An food tour - the culinary adventure that you should not miss out

Hoi An food tour – the culinary adventure that you should not miss out

Hoi An is famous not only for the breath-taking landscapes but also the tasteful food. If you have just arrived in this little town and still don’t know where to start, why don’t you check these Hoi An food tour down below?

hoi an food tour

Hoi An food tour will provide you with a foodie journey to the whole new town! – Image: www.grasshopperadventures.com.

Hoi An Food Tour – highly recommended tour on TripAdvisor

Launched in August 2013, Hoi An food tour aims to allow the new-comers to this ancient town experience the culinary discovery. Moreover, they will donate $2 from the tour fee to their Charity Campaign “Great Food For Great Cause”. If you share the same passion in Hoi An cuisine with them, don’t hesitate to book them a tour!

Website: http://hoianfoodtour.com/

hoi an food tour

Hoi An Food Tour with the young and energetic tour guides – Image: hoianfoodtour.com.

Morning Food Tour and Coffee Tasting Tour

Morning exercise? Morning coffee? Breakfast? Now you can have all in the Morning food Tour and Coffee Tasting Tour.

First of all, this is a walking tour so that walking around the ancient town is the activity you would do for the whole morning. It’s a feast of all sense with the yummy street food combining with fun insights and the stories behind. You will start a day like a local with a traditional breakfast of Beef noodles, Banh Mi and Cao Lau.

hoi an food tour

You can start a day like a local with Banh Mi, Pho or Cao Lau – Image: hoianfoodtour.com.

Then, it can’t be a “local day” without a cup of coffee. There are lots of coffee shops in Hoi An, from the ordinary to alternative cool decorations that inspire you. Sitting and drinking coffee with the native is an ideal way to make more friends and learn about a new culture. If you are a coffeeholic, don’t miss a chance to join the Vietnamese coffee adventure with Hoi An Food Tour.

hoi an food tour

Then join the coffee taste tour to soak in the worldwide class coffee in Hoi An old town – Image: hoianfoodtour.com.

>> The local man in Vietnam delight in street coffee culture.

Afternoon Street Food Walking Tour

This tour will give you a chance to spend a lovely afternoon walking around Hoi An and eat delicious food. They will let you try the local food from places you usually walk past on the way to another bigger restaurants. This eye-opener can bring you the exact local food you’ve been looking for. All of the food available in hidden alleys is just a part of this Hoi An food tour.

hoi an food tour

In the afternoon, when the vendor food stalls start their business day, it’s the right time to join Hoi An food tour.

Starting in the afternoon, when the street vendors start their business day, this is a cycle of eating and walking. So if you need any advice before taking part in this food tour, it must be “don’t eat before going!” There is so much to try and the portions are generous and delicious.

hoi an food tour

The friendly guides will show you the food stalls which are the “secret” of the locals only – Image: hoianfoodtour.com.

Additionally, the tour guides are such a wonderful bunch of youths who are passionate about their culture. They love taking the time to explain the history of their food culture. Among them are students who work part-time guide so that they can fund their way to further studies. They have great attitudes.

hoi an food tour

Grilled pork – one of those 10 local dishes you will try when joining Hoi An food tour – Image: hoianfoodtour.com.

Evening Walking Food Tour

Within 4 hours, Hoi An food tour will guide you to the nightlife of this little town. The Vietnamese youngsters love to go out for food at night so following them is the best solution when you suddenly feel hungry while all the recommended restaurants closed. The young local ladies tour guide will introduce you the finest Hoi An specialty as well as street food that hides under a simple stall.

hoi an food tour

In the Evening Walking Food Tour, you can have dinner with a local family to know more about the Vietnamese cuisine – Image: hoianfoodtour.com.

>> Vietnamese table manners: Find a local friend and do as they do.

What’s more, Hoi An food tour will guide you to the heart of this town – Thu Bon river. This tour also includes a short boat ride. You can sit on the boat enjoying the hustling view on the riverside and release the flower garlands as well. Every night, the local hold many folk games along the river. If you’re fond of them, the tour guide will teach you how to play those games either. Then you will be able to have dinner with a local family. This is how you can learn not only the Vietnamese cuisine but also the Vietnamese table manner.  After the tour, you can opt to return to your hotel or visit Pub Street to experience Hoi An bars.

hoi an food tour

Releasing flower garlands is one of the special activities of this food tour – Image: hoianimpression.vn.

Eat Hoi An Culinary Tours

Website: https://www.eathoian.com/

This is a Hoi An food tour provide you with the clean local food. The founder of these tours was born in a farming community in Hoi An so that they revolve his passion for the healthy local food. They also offer the cycling tours with foodie edge, cooking classes along the street food tours to take you away from the ordinary and put you in the middle of the extraordinary.

hoi an food tour

Eat Hoi An culinary tour will give you an opportunity to explore the street food with those Hoi An lovers.

This Hoi An food tour will take you on a journey through the old town and outskirts the city. Furthermore, whilst walking from one place to another, the guide will take you to the ancient house where you can meet the ace family who lives there. They will show you their silversmithing and lanterns which is great. You will also scroll through hidden alleyways and chow down with the local dishes that are even better than some of the restaurant food you’ve tasted.

hoi an food tour

Attending this Hoi An food tour, you can even learn how to make some simple signature dishes.

Besides, the Cooking class will show you how to deal with some simple Hoi An traditional food.


If you’d love to explore the local specialty and street dishes at off the beaten path places, Hoi An food tour is the best choice. In addition to that, the story behind each dish, as well as the cultural differences the guides pointing out will make this tour indispensable.