Ho Chi Minh City Airport - An ultimate guide for foreigners to Vietnam
An ultimate guide to flight at ho chi minh city airport

A guide to Ho Chi Minh City Airport – Tan Son Nhat Airport

Ho Chi Minh City Airport is not so big that you can get lost. But it is quite difficult for a newcomer to find the direction. Hereunder, we provide you an ultimate guide to Saigon airport to not get lost.

This guide focuses divides into two main parts including instruction for domestic and international flights.

Guide for domestic flights at Ho Chi Minh City Airport

Different gates for different airlines

Due to the large of Ho Chi Minh City Airport, each airline has different gates to check-in and boarding procedures. Therefore, make sure that you enter the right gate.

Gate D1 is for those who flight with Vietnam Airlines. Check-in and other procedures will be at blocks A, B, C, or D. If you do not have check-in baggage, you should come to block H to make the boarding procedure faster.

Be notice to get in the right gate at Saigon airport

Each airline has different gates for check-in procedure – Image: Erik Odiin.

If you have a flight with Jetstar Pacific and Vasco, you need to get in at gate D2. Other procedures will be done at blocks E and F for Jetstar Airlines and block G for Vasco.

For Vietjet Airlines, you should enter gate D4 and complete other procedures at blocks I, J or K.

Remember that you can always ask for help from the Saigon airport staff.

Notice for luggage’s weight

All airlines have their luggage’s weight limitations. At Ho Chi Minh City Airport and other airports in Vietnam, you need to follow their rules unless you want to pay for extra charges.

To Vietnam Airlines, passengers can bring one baggage per person. Its weight limitation is 10 kg. Besides, you can have an extra accessory. However, make sure that total carry on does not exceed 12 kg to economy tickets. To those who have business tickets, you can have up to 2 pieces of baggage and one accessory with the weight limitation is 18 kg in total. Your carry on size is not larger than 56cm x 36cm x 23cm or 22in x 14in x 9in. And your accessory size must be smaller than 40cm x 30cm x 15cm or 16in x 12in x 6in.

Different airlines have different rules for carry on luggage at Ho Chi Minh City Airport

Make sure your luggage follows the rules of the airline – Image: Michal Parzuchowski.

Vietjet, Jetstar, and Vasco limit passenger’s luggage at 7 kg. Especially, they make it strictly if your luggage exceeds the weight’s limitation. You are sure to be charged for extra fees. Therefore, make sure that your luggage is not too heavy. Additionally, your carry on cannot bigger than 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. 

Guide for international flights at Ho Chi Minh City Airport

If you have an international flight at Saigon Airport, remember that it is in another terminal. From the ground floor of the domestic terminal, you go straight to the D6 gate and walk to the international terminal.

Ho Chi Minh City Airport Arrival

There are some international flights to Saigon Airport needs a shuffle bus to take passengers to the arrival hall. It does not take long but around 5 minutes to reach the visa on arrival desks.

There are different areas for visa on arrival for ASEAN and non-ASEAN visas. Therefore, make sure that you queue in the right line.

Note about visa and immigration procedure at Ho Chi Minh City Airport

There are different areas for different visa regions – Image: Chuttersnap.

Additionally, Tan Son Nhat is the biggest airport in Vietnam, there is a huge number of passengers all the time. Thus, during peak hours, it might take you hours to complete the visa procedure. Remember to get ready for it.

When you complete all the visa procedure and get your check-in luggage back, you will get out of the airport with tons of the taxi welcoming. It is better to walk further to the taxi providing station. They will provide you the right taxi route at a reasonable price.

Ho Chi Minh City Airport Departure

Your luggage will be checked on the ground floor first. Then you move to the check-in procedure area on the second floor. Security procedures will be more complex than domestic flights due to safety factors. Therefore, make sure to arrive at Ho Chi Minh City Airport 2 hours before the flight time.

Ho Chi Minh City Airport will not play loudspeak for flight information changes, you are better to pay attention on the boards

You should pay attention to the information board to know if there are any changes in the flight – Image: Chuttersnap.

It would be the same as the arrival hall, there are some flights require passengers to move by a shuffle bus to reach the airplane. You just follow the instruction of the airport staff to not get lost or miss the flight time.


There is a significant notice for passengers at Ho Chi Minh City Airport is that the loudspeaker announcement at the airport was not available. All the changes regard flights at Saigon airport will be displayed on the screens at the airport. Hence, passengers should pay attention to the screens and do not ask for help from the airport staff to have good preparation.