Laundry in Hoi An - Find the best service in ancient town to save your time
the best laundry in hoi an

Having a laundry in Hoi An to save your time

When Hoi An is in the rainy season, there are so many inconveniences. One of them is a laundry problem. Most of your stuff such as clothes, blanket, teddy bear, and so on will smell. Therefore, it is better to have a laundry in Hoi An help you dry your stuff fast.

When you wash your stuff manually, plus the weather is wet and there is no sunshine, it takes a long time for that stuff to be dry. Additionally, there might be chances for the bacterium to proliferate. It causes the fact that your stuff not only smells but also incubates.

Hereunder, we recommend the best laundry in Hoi An that you can drop your clothes there and take back in very good conditions.

Mrs. Thanh Laundry in Hoi An

Mrs. Thanh is a good laundry in Hoi An. It has so many years of working. Thus, the experiences and skills in washing even the hardest materials are really good. Their customers include local people and foreigners. Tourists come to Hoi An for travel also prefer to use service here as its brilliant quality. Furthermore, the facilities in Mrs. Thanh laundry are the modern and high-quality ones. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your clothes quality when having a service here.

the best laundry service in hoi an

Laundry service will help you to save time and enjoy life in the new town – Image: Filip Mroz – Unsplash.

Additionally, this laundry service has a great team of staffs. They are so friendly and helpful. Additionally, they have a great skill in solving the problems which relate to clothes. Therefore, you could be assured by the service here.

Address: 447 Cua Dai street.

Tel: +84 934 91 53 47.

Thanh Nga laundry

Thanh Nga is a trustable laundry in Hoi An. They offer a good service with experiences. At Thanh Nga laundry, you will always be guaranteed for quality by their prestige. Additionally, they usually get good recommendations and feedback from customers including expat and tourists in Hoi An.

The price of service here is fixed. Hence, if you are a foreigner, it does not need to worry about price tricks. They charge for clothes depends on weight and materials. Different materials need different washing methods. Moreover, each method needs a different way to implement and it costs differently. All your clothes when are brought here will be sorted into different types. So that they can have suitable methods to treat. As a result, they can maintain the quality of your clothes. Additionally, when customers bring their packs to the laundry shop, the packs will be marked separately from others. Moreover, you will get a receipt to receive your pack back on the appointment day.

Address: 441 Cua Dai street.

Tel: +84 5103 863 634.

Miss Anh Number 4 Laundry in Hoi An

Another trustable laundry in Hoi An is Miss Anh Number 4. This is a place which offers both industrial and individual services. Additionally, they use good quality softening to remain the quality of clothes. Therefore, your clothes after having service here will be still in good quality and very clean. Moreover, the prices here are affordable comparing to other services in the city. With a skilled and experienced team of staffs, they aim to bring customers satisfaction.

When bringing your clothes to the laundry services in Hoi An, they will sort your stuff into different packs base on different materials – Image: Volha Flexico – Unsplash.

The staffs will sort your clothes into different packs base on different material. So that they can have suitable treatment to keep the clothes’ quality. Additionally, you can choose to dry by machine if you are in a rush situation. In contrast, if you still have time, you can ask them to dry your clothes under the sun. However, if you are in Hoi An in the rainy season, the better choice is to dry by machine.

Address: 10 Pham Hong Thai street.

Tel: +84 935 58 91 81.

15/1’ Bong Landry service

This laundry in Hoi An is an excellent service that the local recommend highly. 15/1’s Bong Laundry is a familiar place of both local people and tourists as well as expats in Hoi An. It is because of not only the quality services but also the friendliness and kindness. At 15/1’ Bong Laundry, they provide customers with either industrial or individual services. Additionally, here, your clothes will be treated in suitable ways so that the quality of materials is not reduced.

The prices of services here are as cheap as the best services in the city. Therefore, you do not need to hesitate when choosing 15/1’ Bong Laundry. Additionally, their staffs are so friendly and helpful. You can ask them for special requirements in case your clothes need special treatments. There would be no complaint about that.

Address: 15/1 Tran Hung Dao street.

Tel: +84 90 526 45 42.

Clothes are sorted into different types to save its color and quality

Clothes are guaranteed to remain the quality as well as the colors – Image: Nathan Dumalo – Unsplash.

Mr. Duc Laundry and Transport Rental

Besides being famous with laundry in Hoi An, Mr. Duc isknown a s a trustable transport rental service in town. They offer great services that make customers always satisfy and be comfortable with their works. Additionally, Mr. Duc also provides customers with fast and good service. Therefore, there are so many tourists to come here and use their service with absolute satisfaction.

Mr. Duc service sorts clothes into different packs which need to treat differently. They aim to bring the best service and the perfect satisfaction to customers.

Address: 300 Nguyen Duy Hieu street.

Tel: +84 235 3829 865.


Totally, there are so many laundry services in the ancient town. however, choosing a good and trustable laundry in Hoi An is not easy at all. By collecting from the recommendations of customers and tourists around the world, we select some service providers that could bring to you the satisfaction when having a laundry there. Hope that you can save more time and enjoy the old town perfectly.