Hanoi tourist - 7 things you should keep in mind in a trip to Hanoi
tips a hanoi tourist should know before coming

7 things to keep in mind for a Hanoi tourist

CBeing a Hanoi tourist, you might confuse the local culture as well as the local services. Since citizen in Hanoi is from different provinces but not only the local, the culture is quite complicated.

Moreover, Vietnamese culture is very unique themselves. Therefore, in order to have a great experience in Hanoi, you’d better keep these following tips in mind.

Tips to bargain for Hanoi tourist

One of the most famous things in Vietnam travel is ripping off. It is not for tourist services but also for all the local trading activities. Hanoi is one of the top places among the worst rip-off cities. Hence, there are not only local people but also Hanoi tourist need to know the way to have a successful bargain.

hanoi tourist should know tips to bargain

Tourists should not go to the market in the morning – Image: Manh Nghiem.

There is a tip that the locals usually tell their foreign friends is to not buy things in the market, just walk and watch. If you need to buy anything in the local market, it is better to have a local buddy help you communicate and bargain with the local trader.

Especially, local traders have a strong belief that the first one comes to their stores on a day decides their sales on that day. Thus, do not go to the market too early if you do not want to buy things but just have a look. The worst thing could happen when you just come to watch and ask for a price then bargain but do not buy it.

hanoi tourist should know to bargain when go to the market

You should accompany with a local friend if you want to buy something in the market – Image: David Emrich.

Even when you come to a local eatery or any restaurants in Hanoi, the ripping off still occurs, especially to Hanoi tourists. The tip here is that you should ask the price before ordering. If you don’t, they might rip off after you finish your dishes to double or triple compared to the actual price.

Be careful with local taxi drivers

Another way of ripping off that Hanoi tourist need to be careful is when having a taxi. The taxi drivers might take advantage of the fact that you are not familiar with the directions. Then they will drive you through a longer road than the normal direction to charge a higher taxi fee. There are different ways to face this problem.

hanoi tourist should choose the right transportation to go

It’s better to have a car booking application to avoid from the local driver traps – Image: Linh Ha.

If you have a smartphone, you’d better install the car booking applications. Those apps show a fixed price based on the shorted way from pick-up point to destination. Therefore, no matter how long the driver takes you to the destination, you just need to pay for that fixed price which is showed on the apps.

There is also another way that you can track the direction without installing car booking applications. You can use the maps on your phone to track whether the driver is going in the right way.

What Hanoi tourist should know when going by public transportation

Driving a vehicle in Hanoi is not a good choice when traveling to Hanoi. Therefore, a Hanoi tourist should go by public transportation. The most popular public transportation in Hanoi is the bus. Especially, the bus is the best choice for you to go from Noi Bai airport to the city center. If you choose to go by bus instead of having a taxi, here are some tips for you.

hanoi tourist can choose bus as the main public transportation

A bus is the most popular active place of thieves – Image: Rob Hirai.

When you decide to go by bus between the city center and Noi Bai airport, you should check the right route carefully. There are different bus routes in Hanoi that ride passengers around the city. Hence, choose the right one with the shortest road to the airport to not waste too much time.

During rush hours, you should be careful of the pickpocket. This is a common issue in Hanoi. The thieves will take advantage of the crowd on the bus to stole your valuable stuff such as smartphones, wallets, and so on. It would not be so common on the route from Noi Bai airport to the city center, but on the routes that in the city center. The best way is not to hang your bag on the back. You should hang it on the front side so that you can put your hand on it.

hanoi tourist can choose to go by bus for more convenient but be careful of pickpocket

It is better to go by bus in Hanoi – Image: Nhat Quang Mai.

Additionally, also during rush hours, there are so many people try to catch the bus. Thus, it is better for you to choose the other times to go.

Another tip is that you should prepare for the small exchange. The bus does not provide cards nor tickets for Hanoi tourist. Thus, there is only a cash payment. You should have 1,000 VND, 2,000 VND, 5,000 VND, and 10,000 VND in your hand to pay for the bus fee. The driver assistants will not have enough patience to return you with a big amount of money.

Watch out your personal bags in the crowded areas

There is not the only pickpocket on the bus but also in other public places. Especially when you go to tourist destinations. Those are usually crowded areas with the “potential bags”. As a result, thieves will be more active in those places.

Watch your bag when being in the crowded areas – Image: Frida Aguilar Estrada.

Tips for this issue is to not bring important documents along with. There will be only necessary identification documents with you in case the police come to check. The others should be left at the accommodation. Besides, do not bring too much cash to the streets, it should be just enough for your day. The rest should be on your credit card.

Moreover, always hang your bag on the front side and cover it with your hands. Make sure that you always can put an eye on it.

Will it be better to stay in the accommodation in the old town?

The old town is alway an attraction to any Hanoi tourist. Therefore, choose the accommodation in this area would bring to many conveniences. However, is it really convenient?

hanoi tourist should stay in the old town area?

Is it convenient to stay at a hotel in the old town? – Image: Toni Kangas.

There will be no vehicle in this area at night. It causes some trouble when you do not want to walk to the accommodation. Moreover, the old town is very crowded and noisy at night. It would affect your trip with the massive sound if you need to find a quiet place to chill at the hotel. The streets are narrow which is not convenient for a car entering. Thus, you might have to walk for a while to take a taxi.

The best time for a Hanoi tourist enjoying the romantic vibe is autumn

The most beautiful time in Hanoi is the autumn season. It is from September to November. The weather during this time is cool with warm sunshine. Moreover, the leaves turn to yellow and orange colors that paint the city in a romantic vibe.

hanoi tourist should visit the capital in autumn

The poetic beauty of Hanoi in the autumn – Image: Toni Kangas.

Additionally, there is a significant flower of the autumn in Hanoi that is milky flower. Its smell has become the autumn smell that reminds people whose hometown is Hanoi of the nostalgia.

Due to the poetic theme of Hanoi during this time, there are so many songs and poems about the autumn in Hanoi. Thus, a Hanoi tourist should not forget this beautiful time when making a plan to visit Vietnam capital.

Festival seasons is not a great time for a Hanoi tourist to explore the romantic vibe

Even though there are so many interesting things during the festival season for you to explore, it is not a great time for a Hanoi tourist who wants to enjoy a true vibe of Hanoi. It is not only in Hanoi but also in other places that the festival season is always interesting and exciting. However, it colors that place by another atmosphere that makes you cannot enjoy the true beauty of it.

hanoi tourist should visit capital during non-festival season

The simple and peaceful beauty of Hanoi during the normal day – Image: Nguyenthe Loi.

Hanoi is famous for romantic and poetic beauty. It is the peaceful Guom lake in the morning. It is also is the emotion scenery of raising the flag in the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. Or the beauty of the ancient streets with the yellow walls. You can not enjoy those simple but wonderful beauties in the festival season.


Hanoi is a worth-visit place in Vietnam with a unique culture and beautiful streets. It causes an issue that a Hanoi tourist could be in trouble if there is no careful preparation due to cultural differentiation. Keep in mind those tips will not be useless for a wonderful trip to Hanoi.