Hanoi night market - Top 5 night markets should not miss in Hanoi
hanoi night market

The best Hanoi night market for foreigners

The night market is a special culture of Southeast Asian countries. There are not only local products there but also so many interesting activities that indicate deeply local culture. Therefore, when you come to the capital of Vietnam, do not forget to visit the Hanoi night market. There will be so many attractions that you would regret not visiting.

Hereunder, there is a top of the 5 best night markets in Hanoi for you to explore on the weekend.

hanoi night market always attracts tourists

Night market is a special culture of Southeast Asian countries – Image: Hung Tran.

The best night markets in Hanoi

Old quarter’s night market

Old Quarter’s Hanoi night market is the most famous one for those who want to explore the local night market culture. Besides, it is also an attraction of Hanoi tourism. However, it opens only from Friday to Sunday. Thus, choose the right time to visit so that you would not miss the chance to enjoy this local lifestyle.

Come to Hanoi night market to try the best local foods.

Come to the night market to try the best local food ever – Image: Tran Tri.

This night market is located right in the old town of the capital. Therefore, it brings so much convenience for tourists. You will be able to not only explore the local night market but also watching and joining so many interesting activities there to exchange with the locals.

There are not only clothes, handicraft products, but also foods and drinks which are the specialties of Hanoi. This is also a place where you can enjoy the beauty of “36 districts of Hanoi” in the poems.

Address: Hang Dao street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.


Phung Khoang

Located near the universities, this is the cheapest Hanoi night market. Most of the customers come here are students from the universities nearby.

hanoi night market with street foods

Street food at the market – Image: Hoai Ken.

At day, there are only foods and drinks. When night falls, there will be more products here that you can come to see. There are not only clothes, shoes but also handicraft and electric stuff. Besides, due to the main customers are students, there are also stalls with household stuff. It is for those who study far from home and stay in the boarding houses.

Address: Phung Khoang street, Nam Tu Lien district, Hanoi.


Dich Vong

Dich Vong is a normal wet market in Hanoi. People sell daily products and fresh foods. However, at night, it becomes an attractive Hanoi night market.

Hanoi night market from the outside

An angle of the market from the outside – Image: Mieczysław Skrzypski.

There are so many students come here to find cheap clothes. Normally, you need to bargain down to half prices of what the seller tells you. The most popular products at this night market are clothes, shoes, bags, and other fashion products. Most of them are imported from China. Therefore, the quality might not good enough for long-lasting usage. However, it is cheap and worth its price.

Address: Dich Vong street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi.


Linh Nam

Linh Nam night market (or Hoang Mai night market) is a famous place for the Hanoi night market. It is the best place for those who just want to spend a small amount on shopping. The most popular products here are clothes and shoes.

handicraft at hanoi night market

Handicraft in the market – Image: Aloha Abroad.

You can also find the products which are only at 30,000 VND (around 1.3 USD). Therefore, this is one of the cheapest night markets in Hanoi.

Address: Vinh Hung street, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi.


Nha Xanh

Nha Xanh is a big Hanoi night market. There are tons of products that you can come to find including clothes, bags, shoes, and even street foods.

flower sellers at hanoi night market

There are also flower providers at the night markets – Image: DaO DuC.

It is located near Dich Vong night market. Therefore, you can spend time exploring both markets to seek for interesting stuff and enjoy the paradise of street foods.

Address: Dich Vong street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi.


Tips when going to Hanoi night market

Keep eyes on your bags to be safe from thieves.

Do not forget to bargain. You can reduce the price down to half of a one over three of the price they offer you.

Some of the night markets in Hanoi only open on the weekend. Make sure to come there on the right days.

It is better to take a taxi or book a Grab vehicle to go to the market. It would be a little difficult for a foreigner to keep the vehicle in the parking.