Hanoi food - The essence of the Vietnam cuisine for thousands of years
Hanoi food is the essence of the Vietnam cuisine

The essence of Hanoi food

Vietnam food is craving travelers around the world for its unique tastes and healthy recipes. In Vietnam food, the Hanoi food gathers all the essence that makes the most impressive images of the country cuisine. Mentioning Hanoi cuisine, there must be the presence of Bun Cha, Pho, Banh Cuon, Green Rice Flake, and so many other delicious dishes.

Along the length of Vietnam territory, the north might be the area where people still maintain tradition the most. It indicates not only in the food, but also in the local lifestyle, festival, and culture. Additionally, people in Hanoi always have an elegant and traditional beauty that they reflect it in their food. That is one of the most important reasons that Hanoi food is the essence of the whole country’s cuisine.

The essence of Hanoi food comes from choosing materials carefully

People in Hanoi were famous for choosing materials for food very carefully. Once they cook, it is not just to complete a dish of food. It is the way they put their soul into the dish. Cooking is the way that people in Hanoi show love to their beloveds.

Hanoi food is an essence of the Vietnam cuisine

Spring roll is a specialty of Hanoi – Image: @pandadrools.

Hence, they carefully prepare from the first step is to choose the materials, to the last step is decoration. As a result, Hanoi food is not just the dishes, it is the soul of Hanoi people. It leads to another result that you can see in so many Vietnamese families. The women are always busy preparing food for the whole family. The Vietnamese women are famous with the patient character. And it is also the way they show their love to the family’s members.

In the north, there are so many different materials for cooking. And the most special thing is that those materials are not always available during the year. Each kind of material has its own season. Therefore, Hanoi food also has different seasons.

Pho is a must-list dish when mentioning Hanoi food

Pho is the most famous dish in Hanoi – Image: K8.

Furthermore, Hanoi people are so elegant in everything they do, including enjoying the food. No matter it is breakfast for lunch or dinner, they are always willing to prepare the dishes meticulously. They consider the space, the vibe, and the weather as the most important things to make the taste of a dish. Therefore, there are dishes that they must eat on the pavement. There are also dishes that they only eat at home. And some they usually have in the luxury restaurants.

Hanoi food in the feasts

Keeping tradition means maintaining worship and rituals. One of the most unique things in Hanoi food is the feasts’ rituals, especially Tet’s feast.

If you have had the chance of traveling to different regions in Vietnam during the Tet holiday, you can see that Hanoi is the only place that people keep most of the traditional rituals of this festival.

In the other regions, people might change the Tet’s rituals due to convenience and modern life. There are many things in the rituals that are not suitable for the current time. However, in Hanoi, no matter what the time is, they always try their best to maintain the traditions.

Tet feast in Hanoi

A feast in Tet – Image: @quynhu_joyn.

The feast on Tet holiday in other regions might be different. It can be simple with only some dishes. It might not have the same dishes that are required for certain feasts. Nonetheless, Hanoi people always keep the tradition for the must-have dishes in a Tet’s feast.

A Tet’s feast must include 4 bowls and 8 dishes of different foods. Cha, nem, steam chicken, fishes, spring rolls, Banh Chung, and sticky rice are required. Besides, they can make other dishes depends on the number of people to join the feast.

Pho is the most signature essence of Hanoi food

Everybody knows about Vietnam food would know Pho for sure. And most of them know that Pho has gone with Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Besides, Pho is also considered as the most signature essence of Hanoi food. It is not just a dish, it is a part of the local culture.

Pho has been in Hanoi for a hundred years ago. It first appeared in the type of burden street. It also has gone with the street vendors’ announcement along the streets. Later when the human demand raised, they opened so many luxury restaurants for Pho. It has become famous from then.

Pho is the most famous dish in Hanoi food

Pho Hanoi is the essence of the cuisine culture of Vietnam – Image: @lindapugliese.

Pho is a perfect combination of tastes. Soup is the most important factor to make the success of a bowl of Pho. A perfect soup is mostly from the core of cow bones. And it must be clear. It also makes the soup naturally sweet and smells good. Furthermore, to make a truly Hanoi Pho soup, there must be basil, anise flower, cardamom, grilled onion and ginger.

Even though Pho is the most famous traditional food in Hanoi, there are different tastes of this dish depends on different families. Each of them has their own recipe that makes the unique taste. That is the most interesting in Hanoi cuisine that attracts tourists to come and try.


Hanoi food is so diversified. However, to enjoy the most traditional foods that indicate the local lifestyle, you should not forget to enjoy the vibe, background, and atmosphere of eating spots. It is the way that Hanoi people make their land of cuisine.