Halloween 2019 - Do Vietnamese celebrate Halloween?
halloween 2019 in vietnam

Do Vietnamese celebrate Halloween?

Halloween origin is from western countries. How do Vietnamese celebrate this holiday? Does it have any interesting activities on this Halloween 2019 for expats to join in Vietnam?

How do Vietnamese celebrate Halloween 2019?

To be honest, the Vietnamese do not celebrate Halloween. Thus, if you are planning to have a Halloween 2019 in Vietnam, it is better to have a good preparation to be not disappointed.

There are so many holidays from the western countries that the Vietnamese celebrate. Moreover, the locals consider them their holidays. The Vietnamese celebrate Valentines, Christmas, New Year (even they have their Lunar New Year Eve) quite big. However, there is no Halloween.

halloween 2019 and interesting activities in vietnam

Halloween in Vietnam is just the decoration and dress up with ghost appearance – Image: Saostar.vn.

In Vietnam, there is a festival which is considered as the same Halloween in western countries. It is the Full Moon Festival. Due to the same activities such as knocking neighborhoods’ doors and giving kids candies. Moreover, Halloween day also has some similar things with the Ghost Festival in Vietnam regarding its meaning. It is the time when the ghosts take the role to run the world.

halloween 2019 in ta hien street, hanoi

Halloween makeup in Ta Hien street, Hanoi – Image: Le Hieu, Kenh14.vn.

There is only one thing that you can recognize it is the time of this holiday is Halloween decorations. Normally, there will be Halloween decorations in the restaurants with some interesting promotions. Moreover, the coffee shops or bars and pubs also have their decorations for Halloween day with some special deals. The other international organizations such as the English center or international companies will also have their Halloween decorations for the multi-culture in their working environment.

Where to enjoy Halloween 2019 in Vietnam?

As the paragraph above, there are still some places in Vietnam that they celebrate Halloween. Thus, here are some suggestions for you away from restaurants or coffee shops to enjoy a happy Halloween 2019 in Vietnam.

Halloween 2019 in Ba Na Hills

Halloween decoration in Ba Na Hills, Da Nang city – Image: Ba Na Hills.

In Hanoi city

Hang Ma street is a famous place in Hanoi at every festival. There will be always impressive decorations for festivals on this street. It is the same with Halloween decorations. Most of them are the Halloween makeup stuff, dress, and masks.

Besides, the walking street around Hoan Kiem Lake is also an interesting place to enjoy the Halloween vibe in the capital. There are usually exciting activities of young people including Halloween dressing up, decorations, dancing, and singing.

halloween 2019 in Ta Hien street, Ha Noi

Halloween makeup in Ta Hien street, Hanoi – Image: Le Hieu, Kenh14.vn.

Water Park in Tay Lake is another interesting place for your Halloween 2019. Every year, this place attracts people to come for big parties. This year, Water Park will prepare so many fascinating activities such as deathly tunnel, music parties, and Halloween market.

In Da Nang city

Different from Hanoi city, there are not public places in Da Nang city for Halloween activities. Most of the places you can go for Halloween 2019 are the modern entertainment hubs.

halloween 2019 in ba na hills

Interesting activities for Halloween in Ba Na Hills – Image: Ba Na Hills.

You can go to Ba Na Hills, Cocobay, Sun World Danang Wonder, or Helio to enjoy the interesting activities there. Besides Halloween decoration, they also have exciting activities and parties for you to have a great festival. Be noticed that Ba Na Hills and Sun World Danang Wonder celebrate Halloween 2019 at day. However, Helio Center Halloween activities will be more interesting at night.

In Ho Chi Minh city

Bui Vien street is not only an attraction on the normal days but also in Halloween 2019. This place gathers so many foreigners. Thus, the bars, pubs, and restaurants on this street usually have their Halloween decorations and interesting activities to celebrate Halloween with their foreign customers.

Halloween 2019 on Nguyen Hue walking street

Impressive activities of young people on Nguyen Hue walking street – Image: Saostar.vn.


Besides Bui Vien street, Nguyen Hue walking street is also another Halloween destination that you should not miss. This street is the most famous place for public activities as well as the festival. And Halloween is not an exception. There are so many young people come here with their Halloween makeup and interesting activities.

Moreover, you can also enjoy interesting Halloween activities at Culture Park Dam Sen. There will be so many games, outdoor activities, and a food corner for the Halloween festival.


Even though the Vietnamese do not celebrate Halloween 2019, you still can enjoy the exciting and mysterious vibe of this ghost festival in some big cities across the country.