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the hottest game show in vietnam

Top hot game show in Vietnam

Are you an expat? Do you want to catch up with the local trendings? Do you want to experience the local lifestyle? And do you want to know what the youth in Vietnam are paying attention to? Let’s start with the hottest game show in Vietnam which attracts a big number of audiences on both TV and Youtube.

There are two most popular types of the game show that leads the local trendings now. They are music and reality game shows.

Music game show in Vietnam

The Voice Vietnam

The Voice is one of the most famous music game show in the world. This competition attracts a big number of candidates every year. The Voice Vietnam has acquired the copyright of The Voice Holand and developed as the format of The Voice USA. It has been an honor competition in the country since 2012. Until now, there are 7 seasons and all of the champions have a certain success in their music career.

the voice is the most honor music game show in vietnam

The Voice Vietnam is the most professional music competition – Image: The Voice Vietnam.

There are four rounds per season. The first one, Blind Audition, is always the most attractive round that the audiences wait for. The next three rounds are Battle, Cross Battle, and Liveshow round. This competition is considered as one of the most professional music incubation game show. The board of judge every year has a great experience in training new singers. Moreover, their personal skills are so strong. Thus, every singer who grows up from The Voice Vietnam usually has good skills and is successful.

Giong Ai Giong Ai (I Can See Your Voice)

The original game show of Giong Ai Giong Ai is I Can See Your Voice from Korea. In Korea, this show is very famous since they discover so many potential and amazing voices who are not in the K-biz. When Giong Ai Giong Ai first launched in Vietnam, they got so much attention from the local audiences.

I can see your voice is a hot game show in Vietnam which attracts much attention from every range of age

Giong Ai Giong Ai is a favorite show to relax – Image: Giong Ai Giong Ai.

Coming to this show, players will try to hide their voices and let the judge guess whether they sing well or not. The show attracts audiences by its humor and interesting. Moreover, there are different celebrities who are invited to the show. They are the most important thing to keep audiences stay with the show.

Reality game show in Vietnam

Recently, there are so many different reality game shows in Vietnam. Some of them attract audiences across the country. But others receive very bad feedback from audiences. Among them, there are two most famous reality shows which maintain a stable rating on both TV and Youtube. They are Chay Di Cho Chi (Running Man Vietnam) and Nguoi Ay La Ai (Who Is Single).

Chay Di Cho Chi – The hottest game show Vietnam in 2019

Chay Di Cho Chi acquired the copyright of the most famous Korean reality game show Running Man. 2019 is the first year of Chay Di Cho Chi. However, thank the hot of the original Running Man in Korea, this Vietnamese version attracts a huge number of audiences after a few first episodes. Moreover, the participation of the top stars in Vietnam makes it much hotter. The show gets the attention of most of the youth in Vietnam who are seeking for the entertainment shows and find ways to support their idols.

chay di cho chi is the hottest game show in vietnam until now

Chay Di Cho Chi is the hottest reality show now in Vietnam – Image: Chay Di Cho Chi.

Chay Di Cho Chi is still recording and broadcasting on HTV7. Besides, you also can find it on Youtube with full episodes. There are also the same teams as the original version in Korea. The home team with the participation of 7 celebrities and guest team with a random number of members. In each episode, members of the game show will separate into different teams. They have to complete the challenges which the editors provide without prior notice.

Nguoi Ay La Ai

Nguoi Ay La Ai is a new game show in Vietnam which follows the scenario of Who Is Single in Thailand. This show is to find Mr. Right for the girls who register to join the show. Besides, it is also a place for LGBTs to come out and to be themselves. There are different guests per episode who help the girl by giving them the advice to find her Mr. Right. In each episode, there are five men join the show for the girl to choose as her partner.

nguoi ay la ai is also a hot game show in vietnam this year

Nguoi Ay La Ai is not only a game show but also is a place for LGBTs come out – Image: Nguoi Ay La Ai.

The most attractive factor that the show keeps audiences stay with the show until the second season in 2019 is the participation of “boys over flower”. That is the reason why the game show attracts girl audiences mainly.


While the demand for the audiences is higher and higher, there are more and more game shows in Vietnam produced to satisfy their audiences’ needs. Away from the mentioned ones above, there are others that you can find interesting to know more about the local hobbies.