BBQ Un In restaurant – one of the best BBQ restaurants in Da Nang

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Contact information

  • Phone: 02366 545 357
  • Email: info@bbqunin.com
  • Website: https://bbqunin.com

Open time

  • 11:30 - 22:30


  • Staff: Vietnamese, English
  • Menu: Vietnamese, English


  • Cash in: Vietnam Dong
  • Card: Visa Card, Master Card


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379 Tran Hung Dao street, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city


BBQ Un In restaurant – a good place for Ribs!

BBQ Un In that has best BBQ in Da Nang is founded with a great mission: work to contribute to the local community like give financial aid to local orphanages, work with local charities and support the disadvantaged youth with fully funded traineeships in the hospitality industry.

It is located on Tran Hung Dao street, one of the tourism streets in Da Nang.

Extraordinary food with the unbeatable price

First things that need to mention is their great service. The staff is very helpful and friendly. They do a good job of helping customers to BBQ and do the sanitary things.

Also, the atmosphere here is so nice. It is suitable for groups: family reunion, friend hangouts or company events, and so on, rather than individuals. If you visit it on the day that has an outdoor BBQ grill, you will feel that the entire restaurant smells delicious.

What is more, it is right next to the ocean inlet. Therefore, sitting outdoors will be a good option with the nice breeze.

Undoubtedly, its high-quality food builds up its good reputation. All of their ingredients are sourced daily by their managers from local suppliers. From BBQ meats & seafood to vegetables, all of them are all sourced from the freshest products and only from the very best suppliers.

Everything is full of flavor and well cooked. The ribs and chicken wings, in particular, is really delicious!! Even the green beans have great flavor. Thus, this place becomes the best and the regular haunt of the meat lovers in Da Nang.

There are several must-try dishes in this place. Some of them are  spicy BBQ chicken wings, beef rolls with cheese, BBQ share plate “Big Man” and so on. The food here is served with big portions. That’s why the price is reasonable compared to other BBQ restaurants.

Looking for a place to enjoy the best BBQ in Da Nang? Check it out!



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