Torino Restaurant and Bakery in Da Nang

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Contact information

  • Phone: 0932 046 296
  • Email: torinorestaurant79@gmail.com
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/torinorestaurantdanang/

Open time

  • 08:30 - 22:00
  • Closed from 15:00 to 17:00


  • Staff: Vietnamese, English
  • Menu: Vietnamese, English


  • Cash in: Vietnam Dong
  • Card: Visa Card


  • Torino Restaurant and Bakery has free delivery service for bakery


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162-164 Chau Thi Vinh Te street, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city


Torino Restaurant and Bakery in Da Nang is located on the ground floor of Tam House with spectacular views of the backyard pool. In particular, Torino Restaurant and Bakery Restaurant & Bakery started in 2004, is considered the first Italian restaurant in Da Nang. Its excellent location is just minutes from the famous My Khe beach selected by Forbes as one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet. However, it will be a long way to come here since it is quite far from the city center. For example, it’s 04 kilometers from Han Market – one of the biggest markets of Da Nang. In addition, it takes you about 20 minute-driving to reach Torino from Da Nang International Airport too.

Authentic Italian Cuisine and Freshly Baked Goods in Da Nang City

Moreover, a cozy ambiance with a beautiful view will turn a simple meal into an enjoyable Italian experience. Besides, this restaurant and bakery in Da Nang offers authentic Italian cuisine. Their serve freshly baked goods carefully prepared by its well-trained head chef. Not only using the best ingredients for its dishes and desserts, but it also makes them in a way that the dishes you order will taste as you do in Italy. Above all, with this combined, you will find many styles of Italian dishes from classics to newcomers.

Besides, several variations of High-quality Bread, Croissants, Focaccia and a changing of Italian Cakes are like inviting diners to come here. The price is reasonable for both locals and tourists who want to explore and enjoy Italian cuisine. In particular, it provides a delivery service for those who would like to enjoy pastries without leaving the house.  The delivery service costs around 10000VND if you live further than 3 km from its address.

If you are looking for a good restaurant and bakery in Da Nang, Torino is defenitely suitable for you!



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