The Little Menu – a place serving yummy Vietnamese food in Hoi An

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Contact information

  • Phone: 02353 939 568
  • Email: sales@thelittlemenu.com
  • Website: http://www.thelittlemenu.com/

Open time

  • 09:30 - 23:00


  • Staff: Vietnamese
  • Menu: Vietnamese, English


  • Cash in: Vietnam Dong, USD
  • Card: Visa Card


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12 Le Loi street, Minh An ward, Hoi An city


The Little Menu – a Hoi An’ restaurant is located on Le Loi street – one of the pedestrian streets of Hoi An. This street crosses 03 main roads of the lantern town which are Phan Chau Trinh street, Tran Phu street and Bach Dang street. From here, it takes about 10 minutes to Japanese Covered Bridge by walk. So you are likely to go sightseeing some attractive destinations in the ancient town after the meal. Besides, it’s also 10 minutes walking distance to Hoi An central market where you are able to discover Vietnamese culture through our daily activities there.

Being set in an antique 100-year-old building, it has a pristine open kitchen, with perfect dining space. First of all, the ambience is well-aired and warm thanks to its architecture, furniture and its painting color. They use woods for most of the things from the doors, the cupboards to the chairs or tables. In addition, the way they decorated and painted this place in yellow makes it special. Along with low lightings and lanterns, they did use empty bottles of wine for their decoration that will catch your eyes in the first time coming here.

The Little Menu – the huge quality

This Hoi An’ restaurant serves a selected Vietnamese home-made menu. Their ingredients are based on the traditional recipe which eliminates preservatives as well as MSG. Besides, the Little menu concentrates on offering a quality meal to customers. They aim their efforts at making it easier for customers to stimulate both taste and smell of the foods. Furthermore, it uses local produce, utilizes special techniques to slowly and carefully prepare and cook sublime and healthy dishes. The great thing is they will show some of their secrets recipe at the amazing cooking classes.

The Little Menu is a good Hoi An’ restaurant to try Vietnamese cuisine in this ancient town. Just come to enjoy your meal with your family, your friends or find out their special recipe through joining their cooking class.



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