Pizza Da Vinci – one of the good Italian restaurants in Da Nang

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Contact information

  • Phone: 01263 693 609
  • Email: order@eatdavinci.com
  • Website: https://davincidanang.wixsite.com/davinci

Open time

  • 10:30 - 22:00


  • Staff: Vietnamese, English
  • Menu: Vietnamese, English


  • Cash in: Vietnam Dong, USD
  • Card: Visa Card, Master Card


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41 An Thuong 2 street, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city


Real Italian, fresh pizza & pasta, the best in town

If you are looking for a Pizza Italian restaurant, Da Vinci Pizza cannot be a wiser choice. Da Vinci attracts a lot of foreign tourists, especially Italians who want to find their home country in another country. This is a perfect place for both foreigners and local people and always known as top pizza restaurant in Da Nang.

Located on An Thuong 2, Da Vinci is quite far from the center of Da Nang. However, it’s quite near the most beautiful beach My Khe. It takes you only 05 minutes to walk there to sunbath or simply admire the beauty of the beach. In addition, it’s 1,5 kilometes from the biggest local market of this area – Bac My An Market. You are also able to come here to find something interesting for your family and friends as gifts.

With warm space, beautifully decorated, Da Vinci Pizza always brings the closeness to customers. Besides, the way of modern decorating also highlights the special of Da Vinci. The atmosphere here is charming and very much of a little Italian bistro feel. Furthermore, the flavors of pizza and pasta will make you impressed. For pizza, it has nice crispy crust and loads of toppings. Besides, the pasta is fresh and homemade which is so filling. The sauce is beautiful and delicious too. Most of the dishes here are made by dedicated hearts and the desire to bring the true Italian cuisine to diners. That’s why Da Vinci Pizza is always highly recommended and ranked as top pizza restaurant in Da Nang.

In conclusion, finding a good place to eat pizza is not difficult in Da Nang. Nonetheless, which one is delicious and has original taste is difficult to find. Coming to Da Vinci Pizza, it won’t definitely satisfy you. Top pizza restaurant in Da Nang always has the difference.



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