Find a local travel buddy: Eat like a local with 7 delicious Danang food
find a local travel buddy

Find a local travel buddy: Eat like a local with 7 delicious Danang food

You can’t say you’ve visited Danang without eating these foods. But the best way to enjoy them is the local way. So for the most truly experience ever, let’s find a local travel buddy to start exploring the Danang food journey!

find a local travel buddy to enjoy Danang food

Find a local travel buddy to feel addictive to Danang local food – Source: Tran restaurant

1. Find a local travel buddy to enjoy signature dish Banh trang cuon thit heo

As soon as you come to Danang, you have to find a local travel buddy to enjoy the impressive special Danang food which called Banh trang cuon thit heo.

When eating this dish, you use the rice paper to roll boiled hot pork served with many fresh herbs and fish sauce.

The pork combines 3 layers with lean and fat meat. Therefore, you can taste the sweet and soft of the meat. They won’t make you feel satiated. Once you have a flavor of the cuisine, fat layers melting in the tip of your tongue right away.

find a local travel buddy to enjoy Banh trang thit heo

The delicious savor of the meat combined with fresh vegetables – Source: Chuyendulich

Banh trang cuon thit heo also gives a refreshing feeling due to lots of vegetables included. As a tradition of Vietnamese people eating food with herbs, this food is not an exception. There are many herbs are used like lettuce, coriander, perilla leaves, fish mint and so on. Besides, the bean-sprout, pineapple, green mango, cucumber, and pip banana bring sour and acrid flavors as well.

To reach the heaven feeling, all you need is dip the roll into the fish sauce and enjoy the incredible burst of flavors. The sweet of meat, salty of sauce, spicy of pepper and the sour of herbs, this amazing combination will knock you down and fall in love with it!


  • Tran restaurants (Le Duan street, Hai Phong street, Pham Van Dong street).
  • Mau restaurant (35 Do Thuc Tinh street).
  • Dai Loc restaurant (97 Trung Nu Vuong street).

2. My Quang (Quang noodle) – Timeless flavor of Quang land

Even eating Quang noodle plenty of times, locals always crave for this superior food.

Quang noodle is a specialty in Danang so you can find it easily on the street. But to have a true taste of this superb food, find a local travel buddy to enjoy with is a tip for you!

With a soft and tender noodle, Mi Quang is rich stock with diversified toppings. You can try the pork and shrimp noodle, chicken noodle, beef noodle, snakehead fish noodle or even the frog noodle.

The attractive broth is cooked with meat and bones so it has a savor and light sweet taste. In addition, it has an attractive color with the turmeric but not overwhelming scent. Hence, the spectacular broth harmonizes with the marinated meat makes a rock concert in your mouth as soon as you taste the dish.

find a local travel buddy to enjoy Quang noodle

The spectacular look of Quang noodle wakes up your taste right away – Source: Discover Vietnam

Quang noodle is served with fresh vegetables, lemon slices, and peppers so you won’t be fed up with the strong flavor. For local people, this cuisine is second to none and it will full of any starving soul visiting Danang.


  • Ba Mua Quang noodle (Dong Da street, Tran Binh Trong street and so on).
  • Ba Vi (166 Le Dinh Duong street).
  • Anh Phu Chiem Quag noodle (73 Pham Van Nghi street).

3. Visit the traditional village to experience Nam O fish salad

Due to the exploding flavor and raw ingredient, not everyone can try this dish.

Nam O is a village located in the outskirts of Danang. It’s famous for the fish sauce and fish salad.

Nam O fish salad includes the raw fish served with fresh greens and a special sauce to have refreshing flavor. To start the cuisine, they pick the freshest herrings or anchovies and remove the heads and tails. Then, they fillet them and marinade with ginger, galingale, minced garlic, vinegar, etc to make it medium rare. Thanks to this, it also eliminates the smell of raw fish.

Otherwise, the dipping sauce is made of the fish juice, sesame, roasted peanut, and other spices so it has a featured taste.

find a local travel buddy to enjoy Nam O fish salad

Find a local travel buddy to guide you the way to Nam O village for enjoying this unique cuisine – Source: @thiennguyen1012

You can have a taste of this food in a dry or wet way. With the wet way, the flavor is spicier than the other. So with people who can’t eat spicy food, let’s choose the dry way to enjoy Nam O fish roll.

To get a true taste of this dish, you have to visit Nam O village to experience. But there are many restaurants so it’s hard to find the really good one. Besides, the place is far from the city center as well. Instead, you should find a local travel buddy to guide the way and have a wonderful local food journey with you.


  • Thanh Huong restaurant (1029 Nguyen Luong Bang street).

4. Banh xeo, nem lui, bun thit nuong – A great combo

Banh xeo is also known as Vietnamese pancake which is one of the most famous foods in Vietnam. Therefore, when in Danang, you can’t miss this cuisine with a unique flavor!

To make a spectacular yellow Banh xeo, the chef uses rice flour, water, and turmeric powder. Then, they stuff it with slivers of fatty pork, shrimp, bean sprouts and fried the mixture in pan. Hence, it has a crunchy taste outside but the tough flavor inside. Locals eat Banh xeo with fresh veggies and special dipping sauce.

Especially, for ones that can’t stand the smell of fish sauce, this dipping sauce will save your life. It’s a mix of pork liver, peanut, caramelized onions and other seasons. Therefore, you can enjoy the sweet, fatty, and roasty flavor.

find a local travel buddy to enjoy banh xeo

The yellow crunchy Banh xeo stuffed with pork and shrimp – Source: Internet

Besides, most restaurants sell Nem lui and Bun thit nuong together with Banh xeo so you can fill up your hungry with this great combo.
Nem lui is minced seasoned pork, almost the fatty meat, that is pressed on a bamboo stick and grilled through an open flame. You roll it with rice paper and use the same sauce as Banh xeo. The savor will wake up your taste and make you want to eat more and more.

Otherwise, Bun thit nuong is a combination of vermicelli noodles and grilled pork. As always, it’s served with vegetables and sauce as well.

Moreover, most places use the same sauce for 3 cuisines so the dipping sauce is a key element to decide how famous the restaurant is.

find a local travel buddy to enjoy nem lui

You will need the help of a local buddy to make a perfect roll of Nem lui – Source: Internet

And to experience these awesome cuisines in a truly local way, don’t forget to find a local travel buddy to help you make a perfect roll.


  • Ba Duong (K280/23 Hoang Dieu street).
  • Ba Ngoc Hue (228 Dong Da street).
  • Xuan restaurant (469 Hai Phong street).

5. Find a local travel buddy to challege Bun mam nem

If there is a must-try food in Danang, Bun mam nem is that one.

In a bowl of Bun mam nem, you can see the vermicelli, pork, vegetables, unripe jackfruit, roasted peanut, chili jam, and the fermented fish sauce. In while, the most hard part is this dark, pungent, fermented sauce. It has a strong smell as a challenge for you to pass to enjoy the good of this food.

When eating, you’ll feel the freshness of veggies, the crispy of unripe jackfruit, the sweet of boiled pork and the soft of noodle. All of the ingredients bring to a complex but also addictive flavor. It likes bursting out in your mouth. Especially, for Vietnamese people living in foreign countries, Bun mam nem is the most wanted dish ever.

find a local travel buddy to enjoy bun mam

Find a local travel buddy to get past the stinky of Bun mam nem – Source: @nmygramm

Aside from boiled pork, you can have a variety of choices for topping like roasted pork or fermented pork roll (also known as Nem in Vietnamese language).

So the first step to experience this cuisine is getting past the fish sauce. Therefore, find a local travel buddy now to ask for the tips and have a memorable food ever!


  • Tran Ke Xuong alley.
  • Bun mam Ngoc (20 Doan Thi Diem street).
  • Ba Lien (in the front of 52 Tran Binh Trong street).

6. Oc hut and mit tron – The most fun Danang food

In Vietnam, you can easily find snail cuisines whenever you go. However, the snails are cooked in different style varied by the city and region. Not as varied as snails in Sai Gon, snails in Danang still has its unique taste.

Oc hut or sucking snail is cooked with lemongrass, chili, and coconut juice. Once they bring the dish out, it will be covered with chili fish sauce to add a more salty flavor. When eating, you can feel the addictive savor, spicy of chili and the sweet of coconut juice. This is one of most spicy dishes in Danang because they use lots of chilies to cook it.

find a local travel buddy to enjoy Danang style snail

Have fun when enjoying Oc hut in Danang – Source: tourismdanangvn

The dish is named after how the locals eat it. First, you need to place your mouth close to the opening of the shell. Then, just suck the meat out. In case it does not come out, you can use the toothpick to get the meat.

To eat it in a local way, you can find a local travel buddy to enjoy this food with you. Once you’re used to it, it will be the most exciting and fun experience on your exploring Danang food journey.

Most food stalls usually sell Oc hut together with Mit tron (unripe jackfruit salad). Hence, you can enjoy these local foods at the same time without going to other places.

7. Seafood – A  must try

When mentioning Danang, you can’t miss the seafood here. Due to a coastal city, seafood in Danang is very fresh that makes you fond of it.

To maintain the delicious pure taste of seafood, they usually steam it. In this way, you can feel the sweet but also slightly salty of seafood. But if you want to enjoy Danang seafood in rich flavors, you can eat it in grilled or sauteed style. Especially, when you come to seafood restaurants, you can see many live tanks. Therefore, you can choose what you want to eat and the chef will have on-spot cooking. This is the way to enjoy seafood in the freshest way.

find a local travel buddy to enjoy Danang seafood

Fresh and delicious seafood in Danang is the food you can’t miss – Source: Dulichhayvn

Some delicious featured cuisines are grilled oyster, steamed clams with lemongrass plus other herbs, crab with sour and sweet tamarind sauce, etc.


  • Hoa Tu restaurant.
  • Ba Thoi ( Le Dinh Duong street).
  • Nam Danh (59/38 Tran Quang Khai street).

With 7 above Danang cuisines, you can get a true taste of local food. But don’t forget to find a local travel buddy to have memorable memories when in Danang. They will connect you with local dishes and culture so you can have an insight into this beautiful city.