Da Nang Vietnam - Top 5 facts you should know before planning to go
top 5 facts you should know about da nang vietnam

5 facts about Da Nang Vietnam

Da Nang is the most worth-visiting tourist destination in Vietnam. However, due to the long history of development, the local culture is quite hard. Therefore, to have a good preparation before visiting this city, you are better to know some facts about this coastal city.

Hereunder, we list 5 most special facts about Da Nang Vietnam that you might notice when traveling here.

Fact #1: Storm season is not a good time to discover Da Nang

Due to a tropical country with 3,260 kilometers length in the coast, Vietnam has so many storms in a year. Da Nang is a city in the central region of Vietnam. Moreover, this area is where there are the most storms in a year. Therefore, it is better for you to know when the storm season starts so that you could have a safe and wonderful trip.

come to visit da nang vietnam on the right time to enjoy the amazing beauty

Nice weather in Da Nang allows you to see the amazing scence – Image: Tuan Nguyen.

The storm season in Da Nang Vietnam starts from September to December. Additionally, the most beautiful scenery in Da Nang is the beaches. Hence, it is not a good choice to visit this city during this time.

Fact #2: Da Nang is a place where the life rhythm is slow

Although Da Nang is a big city in Vietnam, and it is also the center of the central region, the lifestyle here is so special. The very first impression of tourists about Da Nang might be a slow rhythm of the lifestyle. The locals are not as rushed as Ha Noi and Sai Gon.

" Ha Noi is crowded. Sai Gon lifestyle is rush. But Da Nang life rhythm is slow and peaceful. "

There are no rush moments in the early morning when people try to go as fas as possible in a crowded street to reach the office. There is not also a hurry in the afternoon when people come back from work. They live slowly no matter what happens. It is the way that people in Da Nang enjoy their life. And it also becomes a beautiful culture of the city that you cannot find in any big cities else in Viet Nam.

the life rhythm in da nang is slow

The locals in Da Nang live a slow life rhythm – Image: Vince Horiuchi.

Fact #3: Da Nang owns many “the best” appellations

The most famous appellation of Da Nang that people usually know is the most worth-living city in Vietnam. It is because of not only a slow life rhythm but also friendly and kind people. It makes people feel comfortable when visiting the city. Besides, there are so many interesting destinations that might impress tourists at first sight by their imposing and wonderful beauty.

Da Nang has the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam

Thuan Phuoc is the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam – Image: Panagiotis Papadopoulos.

Additionally, Da Nang also owns the only turntable bridge in Vietnam. It is the Han River Bridge which is the longest and traditional symbol of the city. Besides, the city also has the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam. Furthermore, if you have enough time to discover Ba Na Hill, you will have the chance to go by the longest and highest cable in the world. Moreover, the Sun Wheel in Sun World Danang is one of the top 10 biggest wheels in the world.

Fact #4: Da Nang provides the cheapest and freshest seafood in Vietnam

Da Nang has a very long coast which almost covers half of the city. Therefore, it has a diversified source of seafood. Moreover, half of the locals are fishermen. That is the reason why tourists always can try seafood in Da Nang during the year. Moreover, there are so many seafood restaurants across the city. Tourists can come to find a luxury seafood restaurant with high-end service. Or you also can come to the cheap and popular seafood restaurants but still can try the tastiest dishes in the city.

Fact #5: Da Nang is one of the holiest areas of Buddhism in Vietnam

There are not only amazing sceneries and food spots in Da Nang but also religion tourist destinations. It can consider that Da Nang is the land of Buddhism in the central region. Every year, there is a huge number of Buddhists across Vietnam go on a pilgrimage to Da Nang city. There are many pagodas in the city that tourists should not miss due to not only their holiness but also the special architecture.

da nang vietnam is the land of buddhism with so many holy pagodas

There are so many holy pagodas in Da Nang city – Image: Rowan Heuvel.


Totally, besides the long beaches with white soft sand or the amazing street foods, Da Nang is famous not only in Vietnam but also to other countries in the world with its special local culture, unique lifestyle, and tons of other amazing things. Let’s get ready and explore the most worth-living city in Vietnam!