Da Nang food tour - Which providers are better to have a great experience
danang food tour

Explore the cuisine paradise with the best Da Nang food tour

Traveling without trying local food will be a big mistake. It is the same in Da Nang where the cuisine culture is special and impressive. It is even better if you have a Da Nang food tour to show you the world of cuisine here. With reasonable schedules, you will have a better experience and the right local way to enjoy the awesome dishes. Hereunder, we show you the best Da Nang food tour for a more wonderful experience.

da nang food tour

Either you fall in love with Da Nang food or just want to dip inside the impressive savor, it is better to have a tour take you through the alleyways – Image: Alicia Steels | Unsplash.

Da Nang food tour by motorbike

This Da Nang food tour is run by Da Nang Foodie. It is a private local food tour that provides tourists with truly local experience. The guides will drive you on Vietnamese motorbike to the eating spots. There are at least eight dishes per tour. You can choose to go in the morning or afternoon. It lasts five hours to explore the city’s cuisine.

Your guide is tour drive too. Each tourist will be taken care of by one guide. They will pick you up at your accommodation and drive you to the very first eating spots. You will try the most popular street foods first, such as Banh Kep, noodles, and other traditional cakes. After that, a short walk on Bach Dang street will give you a view of Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, and the poetic Han River. Then the guide you drive you to a local market to see what the local lifestyle is.

da nang food tour

Visiting the local market will give you more delicious dishes with cheaper price than the restaurants.

The most attractive part of this Da Nang food tour is Vietnamese food challenge. Tourists will join a challenge to eat balut egg which is not an egg anymore but not a dug yet. This is a kind of food that is super good for health as the local opinion. Then coming up with the best noodle soup in town. After that, you will enjoy some Vietnamese coffee as the true way of a local. It is to sit down on a small chair and drink slowly to think and talk about life.

The tour will be finished with a local restaurant where you will experience the beer drinking culture of the local. And your guide will drive you back to your accommodation.

Onetrip Da Nang food tour

This is a Da Nang food tour which is designed by Onetrip Da Nang Adventure. It is a project of Christina’s that is a company of Airbnb in Vietnam. Their guides are trained for a profession and well skills. So that they will give tourists the best experience to explore the local cuisine.

da nang food tour

Onetrip guides are so professional and have good skills to show you the hidden cultural beauty through the local food.

The food tour starts from 5 pm to 9 pm. It lasts for four hours to taste five different local dishes. Your guide will be your driver too. He/She will pick you up at your accommodation at half of four by motorbike. Your schedule will include the local restaurants in a family style. They all come through the delicious sidewalk dining.

This is a coastal city, thus, the Da Nang food tour cannot miss out seafood. Do not forget to prepare well for the ocean taste from the fresh seafood which is just caught in the morning by the local people. Besides, you also taste the local snacks, Vietnamese coffee or tea, and try some alcohol as the local way. Especially, Onetrip provides the vegan and vegetarian tour as well.

Night-Aodai Rider & Guide

Night-Aodai Rider & Guide is the most special Da Nang food tour that you can find. The reason is that your guide will be in Aodai dress which is the traditional costume of the country. Riding a motorbike after a girl in Aodai and explore the sparkling city at night will be the most fascinating experience ever.

da nang food tour

Riding with an Aodai girl and let them take you to the famous family food spots will be a great experience.

The tour starts from 6 PM when the guide comes to pick you up at your accommodation. The first spot you will stop is the night and flowers market. In this destination, you will not only see the local lifestyle and their activities but also can find nice souvenirs to bring back after the trip. The tour continues with the local cakes which they use banana leaves to cover. This is an old culture of the locals to keep food that you should not miss out. After that, the guide will take you to Han River to have a great view of stunning bridges such as Dragon, Han River, and Love Lock Bridge. At night, these bridges look like the pearls on the river. Therefore, tourists come to Da Nang should never miss out this scenery.

The grand dinner starts after visiting the bridges. You will enjoy the local meal with Nem Lui and Bun Thit Nuong which are the most famous specialties of the city before visiting the Cathedral Church on Tran Phu street. Then finish this Da Nang food tour with a more awesome meal with BBQ or hotspot as your choice. And of course, it includes seafood in both. At 10 PM, your guide will take you back to your accommodation.

Walking Food Tour of Da Nang

da nang food tour

Walking to enjoy the fresh air of the city while eating the most delicious food of Da Nang is awesome.

If you find Da Nang traffic is a massy and it is safer to take a walk and explore the city, this walking Da Nang food tour is your best choice. The guide will take you through the most interesting eating spots by walking. Moreover, it gives you the chance to have an observation on the locals’ living and other sightseeing in town.

Joining this tour, you will try 10 different dishes which are all traditional food. Tourists will walk through the alleyways, come to the local market, enter into the simple local eateries to have truly local experience. Besides, after picking you up and take you to walk in the city, the guide also introduces local culture when crossing the spots so that you can have a better observation about the city.

You can choose to go with the guide in the morning from 8 AM to 12 PM or in the afternoon from 2 PM to 6 PM. Additionally, the night tour is also available from 5 PM to 9 PM.