Danang weekend getaway: Where to go outside the city?
Danang weekend getaway Hue cover

Danang weekend getaway: Where to go outside the city?

Danang is a beautiful city with many amusing places to visit and interesting activities to join. However, surrounding areas are filled with exciting adventure waiting for you to explore. Here is a travel guide for a Danang weekend getaway.

Danang weekend getaway Hoi An sparkle scene

Hoi An is one of the popular Danang weekend getaway – Source: Internet

Hoi An – popular Danang weekend getaway

Known as the most beautiful city in Vietnam, Hoi An might be the first choice for a Danang weekend getaway. It’s far 30 kilometers from Danang to the south. For sightseeing, you can rent a bike and ride along Vo Nguyen Giap street to enjoy the coastline. It takes about 40 minutes riding to reach Hoi An.

Crumble yellow buildings and tranquil ambiance are the things you can’t miss when talking about this old town. But it’s not only that, visiting Hoi An, you can also admire the intricate temples, savor delicious cuisines and delight in the magnificent beaches. The Hoi An architecture is a combination of French and oriental structure. Therefore, each spot has its own distinct beauty and a long history included.

Danang weekend getaway Hoi An yellow building

The featured yellow buildings in Vietnam – Source: Internet.

For a 48-hour trip in Hoi An, you should hire a bicycle to transport for the best experience. You can visit some old houses, enjoy a bowl of Cao Lau with just around 1 USD, take a sip of coffee on the roof of Faifo cafe, lighting the lanterns on the river or blend in the crowd of the night market. Especially, Hoi An at night is sparkle with colorful lanterns that makes a splendid and serene scenery.

Danang weekend getaway Hoi An nightlife

You can meet the colorful lanterns everywhere in Hoi An – Source: Bucketlistly Blog.

Otherwise, if you don’t like the crowds of tourists, take times to relax in the beachside resorts and sunbathe on the beaches. An Bang and Cua Dai are the most favorite spots due to the clean water and poetic surrounding. Furthermore, don’t forget to drop by nice seafood restaurants for amazing dishes.

Danang weekend getaway Hoi An An Bang beautiful beach

Beautiful An Bang beach attracts many tourists – Source: Internet.

Besides, it’s easy to reach many attractions like Tra Que vegetable village, My Son Sanctuary, Cu Lao Cham Island, Thanh Ha ceramic village, etc from Hoi An. So if you’re planning for a Danang weekend getaway, Hoi An is an ideal place to relax and travel!

Hue – nostalgia for an Imperial City

Once the capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty, Hue has many historical monuments going with serene beauty. Be a famous destination in Vietnam Central, it’s worth a visit to explore the rich culture of Hue.

For a Danang weekend getaway in Hue, you can transport by scooter through Hai Van tunnel or by train. When in Hue, for a better experience, let’s get around the city by rental bike. The streets are not crowded and you can meet many beautiful spots on the road.

Danang weekend getaway Hue Citadel

The ancient beauty of Hue Citadel – Source: Vu Pham Van/ Culture trip.

The most popular attractions in Hue are the palace and tombs. Situated by the Perfume River, you can’t miss the Hue Citadel. With unique and royal architecture, you will feel nostalgic of glorious dynasties when sightseeing here. For a tomb visiting, make sure you don’t miss the Khai Dinh tomb, the most remarkable and fancy one. Besides, Thien Mu Pagoda is the most outstanding pagoda as well as the symbol of Hue.

Danang weekend getaway Hue Khai Dinh tomb

You can sense the solemn ambiance at Khai Dinh tomb – Source: Internet.

Not far from the city center is Thuy Tien Lake – an abandoned water park since 2004. Thanks to the media, more and more people coming here for an adventure. But it’s still an alluring destination. Being abandoned, the park has a mysterious and wild beauty, like a hideout among nature. Just wander around the park, take a look at every room and don’t forget to bring a camera for great pictures.

Danang weekend getaway Hue Thuy Tien Lake Medium

Visit Thuy Tien Lake brings to an adventurous feeling for your trip – Source: Medium.

The poetic beauty of this Imperial City is also about the local lifestyle. You can feel the gentle pace of life when traveling here. Especially, it’s so quiet and less lively at night. In case you look for vibrant nightlife, come to the walking street includes Chu Van An, Pham Ngu Lao and Vo Thi Sau streets. There are plenty of bars, pubs, restaurants here with bustling atmosphere and crowds.

Danang weekend getaway Hue bustling walking street

A bustling corner at the Walking street – Source: Internet.

In addition, Hue also contributes to the Vietnam cuisines with featured food like Bun Bo Hue (Hue Beef Noodle Soup), Com Hen (Clam Rice), Tapioca Dumplings, Bot Loc Heo Quay sweet soup, etc.

Bach Ma National Park – immerse in the natural wild beauty

Located between Hue and Danang, Bach Ma National Park offers incredible hiking trails, waterfalls, mysterious ruined villas, hidden shrines and more. You can take a bus at Danang for 2 hours to reach Cau Hai village with the price at 90,000 VND (around 4 USD). Then, xe om drivers (also known as motorbike taxi) will pick you up and drive nearly 3 kilometers to the national park entrance. The entrance fee is 40,000 VND.

Danang weekend getaway Bach Ma Park overview

Bach Ma National Park viewed from the sky – Source: divui.

Motorbike is forbidden in the park, so you can start trekking from the visitor center. It’s about 15 kilometers to reach the summit. It’s a long, steep and serpentine journey so you should bring sunscreen and water along. Especially, pull up your socks or you will encounter the leeches. It’s not a pleasant experience at all.

Danang weekend getaway Bach Ma langur

Langur is one of diversified wildlife in Bach Ma National Park – Source: Internet.

In case you have limited time or tired of the hike, you can take a minibus with 900,000 VND/day for a six-person ride. For an overnight stay, ferry to the summit around 1,300,000 VND. To reach the summit, you can have a panoramic view of Lang Co beach, Tam Giang lagoon, and Hai Van pass. The view is so amazing and even better in the sunset.

Danang weekend getaway Bach Ma view

The stunning view from the summit – Source: Internet.

When exploring the Bach Ma national park, you can’t miss the Do Quyen stunning waterfall, Five Lakes system for swimming, decaying villas, and many wildlife. Otherwise, you can find basic services like lodgings, restaurants for your trip. If you want to go camping, there is a camping site as well. But note the wildlife so zip your tent closely at much.

Danang weekend getaway Bach Ma National Park

A wonderful landscape in the park – Source: Klarissa Delos Angeles.

For a relaxing Danang weekend getaway, Bach Ma National Park is an ideal place to escape from the busy life, enjoy the fresh air and nature.


Within only 48 hours, Hoi An, Hue and Bach Ma National Park are wonderful destinations for a Danang weekend getaway. Each spot has its own attractive beauty and offers a different experience. Let yourself rest for a calming runaway from hustle city life.