Visit Danang and Hoian in March to experience festival in Vietnam
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Visit Danang and Hoian in March to experience festival in Vietnam

The advantage of traveling in the festival season is that you can enjoy landscapes and discover the local culture at the same time. Thus, for an interesting tour in Danang and Hoian, you should consider some festival in Vietnam hold there. Now let’s start!

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March is a great time to enjoy the festival in Vietnam. – Source:

Quan The Am festival – A Buddhist festival in Vietnam

The Quan The Am (the Goddess of Mercy) festival is an important Buddhist festival in Vietnam. In 2000, the Quan The Am festival ranked first place in the top 15 biggest festivals nationwide. As a result, this has attracted a lot of Buddhist monks as well as travelers all across Vietnam. This festival aims to pray for the fishermen and those people whose careers are on the river or the sea.

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Monks gather for Quan The Am festival in Danang.

This is an annual religious and spiritual festival held at Quan The Am pagoda. Quan The Am Pagoda is built in 1957 at the foot of the Kim Son (Metal Mountain) in the Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountains). It has wonderful natural landscapes with several ancient pagodas, mysterious caves, and picturesque scenery.

festival in vietnam mountain

Marble mountain where people hold the biggest festival in Vietnam.

You can take part in many activities including a sutra reading ceremony, a photo exhibition on Indian Buddhism. You also have a chance to visit the Buddhism museum and a festival to commemorate Princess Huyen Tran. Furthermore, the traditional boat racing festival is indispensable either.

The annual Quan The Am festival is a great cultural activity, contributing to conservating and promoting the national culture. This year,  they will hold Quan The Am festival on March 22-24 in Danang.

Japan Culture Festival – annual culture-exchange festival in Vietnam

Another festival in Vietnam that the Da Nang Museum will host is the Japan Culture Festival on March 10. This is an opportunity to introduce a series of traditional cultural activities and performances from Japan to local residents and tourists. Plus, they create a playground for the students in Da Nang city. At the same time, it also boosts the cultural exchange and relationship between Vietnam and Japan.

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People use sakura flower for Japan exchange culture festival in Vietnam. – Source:

Coming to this culture-exchange festival in Vietnam, visitors will be able to enjoy performances from the Japanese community in Danang and Hoian. Moreover, there are many interesting activities such as Traditional Vietnamese and Japanese costumes, Japanese tea ceremony, and so on. Especially, visitors will experience traditional Japanese cuisine, Origami paper-art, Flashmob, Japanese traditional games such as Komo (gyroscope), Kendama, Ayatori, Hanetsuki.

festival in vietnam japan

Japanese community takes part in the cultural exchange festival in Danang.

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Hoian International Food Festival – an indispensable food festival in Vietnam

Hoian Ancient town is a famous Vietnamese and worldwide tourism. It maintains almost perfectly more than 1,000 historical architectures like streets, houses, temples, ethnic churches, etc. The beauty of an old town has gone through many events In addition to that, Hoian attracts domestic and international visitors with its casual but special cuisine.

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You shouldn’t miss the Hoian International food festival in March. – Source:

Visit Hoian in March, you will have a special week dipping in the world culinary at An Hoi Statue Garden. This food festival in Vietnam is where you can enjoy the famous chefs showing their talent off. Moreover, they will bring a variety of interesting and colorful international cuisine. Hence, the traditional specialties of their countries will all gather in Hoi An.

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Hoian is full of tourists at the International food festival. – Source:

Besides, you shouldn’t ignore Hoian traditional food that has been popular all over the world. Chicken rice, Cao Lau noodles, Quang noodles, and Banh Mi are things make tourists keep returning to Hoian.


If you are planning your trip to Danang in March, there are many exciting events which might attract you. These are some major festivals in Vietnam hold in Danang and Hoian can raise your travel ideas and hope to help you plan your wonderful trip in 2019.