Danang Beach Apartment - a treasure on the seaside
danang beach apartment

Danang Beach Apartment – a treasure on the seaside

Danang is a coastal city famous for beautiful beaches. Danang Beach Apartment is a combination of apartments, buildings, and villas on the seaside of My Khe Beach which is highly rated by the foreigners. Here are some superb apartments you can add to your basket.

danang beach apartment

Danang Beach Apartment is a complex of buildings, apartments, and villas on the seaside of My Khe Beach.

The Danang Beach Apartment with 2 double bedroom

Location: An Thuong 35 Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang.

Price: $350.

Area: 35m2.

This Danang Beach Apartment will make you warm with the wooden floor going with the wooden furniture. It’s a studio apartment where the bedroom and the kitchen share the same space.

danang beach apartment

The Danang Beach Apartment with a 2 double bedroom.

Despite the small area, there are two double beds which are suitable for a group of 3-4 people. Furthermore, there is a door and a window open to a balcony in the bedroom. This not only brings you the pure atmosphere but also a place to escape from the busy city down below.

danang beach apartment 3

The window and door open to the balcony.

The Danang Beach Apartment also offers you a fully-equipped kitchen. To save space, the owner replaces the original gas stove with an induction hob. With this modern stove, it would be safer for you when using and easier for cleaning. In addition to that, you can start cooking right after moving in thanks to the cooking utensils the landlord’s prepared. They are a fridge, kettles, pots, and other necessary devices such as microwave, oven, etc. All of them are kept in the wooden shelves and cabins to make the kitchen look neat.

danang beach apartment

The Danang Beach Apartment with a fully-equipped kitchen.

Moreover, to give you more time to explore the new life in a new town, the Danang Beach Apartment will offer you free laundry and cleaning service.

>> Danang beach 2-double bedroom apartment.

Deluxe Danang Beach Apartment for a couple

Location: An Thuong 34 Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang.

Price: $520.

Area: 45m2.

With the combination of brown and light-color wood, the Danang Beach Apartment will bring you an elegant feeling. The property has a living room, a kitchen, and a separated bedroom.

danang beach apartment

Danang Beach Apartment is suitable for a couple with delicate decoration.

When you enter the Danang Beach Apartment, you will see a kitchen on your left hand. This is a small kitchen with almost everything you need to cook a meal. Moreover, to prevent the food smell around the apartment, they’ve installed a modern kitchen hood. The kitchen is also full of devices such as fridge, microwave, stove, and so on.

danang beach apartment

You can find here almost all of the utensils you need to make a homemade dinner.

The living room, as well as the dining table, is next to the kitchen. The vanilla color of the couch suits perfectly with the floor and the curtain. With a flat-screen TV, you can lie on this lovely couch, have dinner and watch TV at the same time!

danang beach apartment

The lovely couch in the living room of the Danang Beach Apartment.

Besides, the bedroom of the Danang Beach Apartment is separated to bring you a private space. You will feel cozy and have a soundly sleep when being in this cozy bedroom. It’s a simple room with a double bed, a makeup table, and a wardrobe. The large window contributes to making the room airier.

danang beach apartment

The delightful bedroom with a wide window.

Next, there is a small balcony next to the bedroom. Since the laundry fee is 30,000vnd/kg, you’d better use the washing machine on this balcony and hang the wet wash here either.

>> Danang beach deluxe apartment in An Thuong Quarter.

Modern Danang Beach Apartment with luxury interior

Location: An Thuong 34 Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang.

Price: $450.

Area: 45m2.

This Danang Beach Apartment has an elegant design of brown and white. There is a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room within the area of 45m2. Placed on the third floor, it’s not too high but you still can take a view of the city from above.

danang beach apartment

The small kitchen of the Danang Beach Apartment.

If you are a minimalist person, this Danang Beach Apartment is for you. There is a simple kitchen with a white shelf containing basic cooking utensils. It shares a common space with the living room. To take the full advantage of it, the living room is used as a dining table to save space.

danang beach apartment

The living room is used as a dining table to save space.

The bedroom is also in the minimalist design with a bed, a wardrobe and a desk. All of the furniture is made of wood to bring you a cozy feeling. What’s more, there is a wide door open to a balcony in this room. It not only makes the room brighter but also is an ideal place for you to release stress at the end of the day.

danang beach apartment

The cozy bedroom has a big window to make the room brighter.

The Danang Beach Apartment building also has a security service with the camera system and private entrance. Plus, the owner offers you free cleaning service twice a week. It would be great to come home after all day long and find out that your apartment is clean already.  Convenience and safety can make your life here a great experience.

>> Danang Beach modern apartment with a luxury interior.

The accommodated location of Danang Beach Apartment

Located in An Thuong area, the foreigners’ hub, Danang Beach Apartment is surrounded by lots of services. There are many restaurants and coffee shops with unique design and attentive staff. You can easily find a meet-up place within a couple of minutes of walking.

Moreover, from Danang Beach Apartment, it takes you only 5 minutes to set foot on My Khe Beach. This is one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet by Forbes. There are some bars and pubs where you can spend your weekend with a mug of beer while tanning your skin on the beach. Plus, the seafood restaurants around will provide you with the freshest ingredient. What’s more, you can catch them on your own then have the chefs cook them for you.

Besides, on the weekend, you can visit An Thuong Night market to enjoy the street food from all corners of the world. Come here, you can find some special souvenirs for your friends as well as listen to live music performances.

Otherwise, Danang Beach Apartment is on the route to popular destinations such as Marble Mountain, Non-Nuoc Carving Stone Village, and Hoi An Ancient Town. Instead of traveling a long way to beautiful landmarks, now you are able to visit those spots within a weekend.


With professional service and friendly staff. You will have a great experience staying Danang Beach Apartment. This is the perfect residence for your short-stay or long-term work. If you need more information, please visit LodyHelp website.