The reasonable Danang apartment rental in the city center
danang apartment rental

The reasonable Danang apartment rental in the city center

Since the number of foreigners coming to Danang has been raising, there are many properties for rent here. Hence, the Danang apartment rental can be ranging from low to high. Depend on your requirements of the location and area, here are some apartments with the reasonable price that you can add to your list.

danang apartment rental

Danang apartment rental.

Affordable central Danang apartment rental for single-stay

Location: Le Dinh Duong Street, Hai Chau, Danang.

Price: $400.

Area: 40m2.

A minimal decoration of the apartment in Danang center

If you follow the minimalism, the property with reasonable Danang apartment rental is right for you. This newly-built apartment is a studio with a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen sharing a space of 40m2.

danang apartment rental

The simple decoration of the economical Danang apartment rental.

Once you enter, you can see a simple kitchen on your left. The landlord provides you with a movable induction hob instead of the traditional gas one. Moreover, because there is no room divider, there is a kitchen hood to protect other rooms from the food smell. Plus, the kitchen is fully equipped with a kettle, a sink, a fridge and shelves containing other cooking utensils. The microwave and the washing machine are in the cabin under the kitchen to make the property as neat as possible.

danang apartment rental

The small kitchen to save space of the Danang apartment rental.

Besides, there are two windows in this affordable Danang apartment rental to bring the natural air and shine into the room. The bed is close to a window so that you can take a deep breath of fresh air every morning. Furthermore, falling asleep by the view of the bustling city might be a great experience.

danang apartment rental

The bed is close to a window to get the full use of natural light.

What’s more, there is a little cushion chair next to the other window to give you chilling time after a hard working day. Otherwise, you can soak in the hot bathtub in the cozy bathroom and release stress.

danang apartment rental

The wooden cabin in the kitchen to contain a microwave and a washing machine.

The Danang apartment rental paid for the superb location

Located on Le Dinh Duong Street, the reasonable Danang apartment rental is for the accommodated location. This apartment is near Nguyen Van Linh Street, one of the main streets in Danang. Thus, with a scooter, you can reach many cool coffee shops around. In addition, it takes you only 5 minutes to reach Bach Dang Street. This riverside street is where the locals often come for a jogging every afternoon. There also is a milk tea shop on the ground floor of the same building in case you don’t want to go too far for a meetup place.

danang apartment rental

The bathtub where you can release stress.

Especially, it takes you only 4 minutes to walk from the affordable Danang apartment rental to Dragon Bridge. On weekends, you can enjoy the performance of this dragon blowing fire and water for free. You also can take a walk along the riverside and watch the sparkling reflections of the city.

danang apartment rental

Despite the small area, two windows can make the cheap Danang apartment rental airier and brighter.

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Luxury Danang apartment rental on the riverside

Location: Le Loi Street, Hai Chau District, Danang.

Price: $900

Area: 50m2.

Expensive Danang apartment rental for the elegant design

This expensive Danang apartment rental has one bedroom, one living room linking to the kitchen. The blue furniture going along with the wooden floor to make the property fancier.

danang apartment rental

Danang apartments rental in the city center.

Firstly, instead of the boring walls, this fancy Danang apartment rental is covered by windows. This brings not only fresh air but also natural light to the whole apartment. Plus, the living room and the kitchen are all in the blue vibe. The small kitchen is in the corner with necessary devices such as fridge, sink, stove, etc.

danang apartment rental

The kitchen and the living room share the same space.

Additionally, there is no separation between the living room and the kitchen, which make it look larger. There are a long blue sofa and a blue dining table sharing the same area. The space for these two rooms is quite big that you can have your friend gather here holding a party.

danang apartment rental

The Danang apartment rental is elegant with blue furniture and wooden floor.

Besides, the owner designs the bedroom to bring you the coziness. The white mainstream, attaching some wooden furniture make it a luxury Danang apartment rental in the city center. This’s suitable for you to room-share with your friend because of the two single-bed in the bedroom.

danang apartment rental

You can share this deluxe Danang apartments rental with your friend.

Comfortable life in the fancy Danang apartments rental

Since this expensive Danang apartments rental is in a hotel, you will experience all of the hotel services. You can use the free cleaning service and laundry service. Furthermore, you will be safe living here with the security service and private entrance.

danang apartment rental

You can experience the hotel services while living in the luxury Danang apartment rental.

Placed on Le Loi street, it takes you only 15 minutes to set foot on Pham Van Dong beach. This area is full of bars cafes and restaurants where you can spend your weekend. Moreover, because of the location in the city center, you can easily get access to most of the markets, supermarkets and entertainment hubs.

danang apartment rental

This expensive Danang apartments rental will give you more time to enjoy the new life.

From the superb Danang apartment rental, you can spend 10 minutes walking to Le Duan street. If you are a shopaholic, I’m pretty sure that a day isn’t enough for you on this street.

In addition, this property is near Son Tra Peninsula, thus you can rent a motorbike and ride to the breath-taking landscape.

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If you love the bustling city, you should find an apartment in the heart of Danang. The central Danang apartment rental is not a bargain, but I’m sure you will get what you pay for.