Da Nang Tour for the ultimate guide at the coastal city

Da Nang tour – the ultimate guide in Central Vietnam

When traveling to a new place, it must be tough for a newcomer to get access to the hidden places that only local knows. That’s why you need a local buddy to jog all the way through the town with you. However, it’s unlikely to find one when you just arrive so here is a list of Da Nang tour with the locals to help you out!

Da Nang Free Walking Tour

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This is a free Da Nang tour run by a Da Nang lover with a tour guide team of students at universities in Da Nang. This bases on the format of popular free walking tours around the world. In which, the locals will guide travelers freely to famous and non-famous destinations. Moreover, these guides with great knowledge will show you many historical stories and unique culture of this seaside city. English, Korean, and Chinese tours are available.

da nang tour free walking tour

Da Nang free walking tour consists of students of Da Nang universities – Image: bssc.vn.

During this one hour and a half tour, you can get access to Dragon Bridge, the Cathedral church, Cham Sculpture Museum, and so on. Not only will you get to understand the highlight of the city but also energize your body by walking. Plus, they also offer you the foody tour which costs only $17/person. Make sure you don’t eat beforehand because they will provide you with a lot of authentic traditional food. These are local dishes that you may not even have heard of or don’t know how to order for yourself. Especially, the friendly and passionate guides are what impress the travelers the most when they joining this Da Nang tour.

Xuan Tu’s Vietnam Tours

Website: https://privatehoianguide.com/

This Da Nang tour consists of bilingual and officially licensed tour guides. They offer quality services based on Central Vietnam Private Day Tours in Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An. If you are considering a short-term tour (around 3 days to 5 days), these Private tour packages are right for you. They will pick you at Da Nang International Airport, take you to your accommodation. Then, the tour will start with authentic Vietnamese lunch, restaurants and shopping recommendations. What’s more, you will accompany with a bilingual guide in a private vehicle with A/C available. It’s a personalized tour that you can decide on the duration and places. Besides, there are cruise ship visitors to Sai Gon and Da Nang for a truly private experience. Next, the Veterans & Families Visits Tours cater for Veterans and families traveling together for unforgettable memories.

xuan tu provides customer with the best da nang tour ever

Xuan Tu provides customers with several kinds of Da Nang tours from private to large groups – Image: xuantuvietnamtours.com.

Da Nang tour Walking Underwater

Website: https://seatrekvietnam.com/

This Da Nang tour takes place on the Cham Islands in Quang Nam Province. The Cham Islands are famous for its blue sea, white sand, and stunning coral reefs. Whether you are in Da Nang or Hoi An, the tour guide will pick you up and send you to this island safely. During this sea trek, you will be able to walk underwater among schools of fish of all colors and beautiful coral reefs. What’s more, after getting tired you will have a tasty lunch and relax at the Unique Ecological Bai Chong beach. Then, they will provide you with all the necessary supplies for snorkeling, swimming or canoeing.

da nang tour walking underwater is an ideal tour you should give a try

With this Da Nang tour, you can walk among schools of fish and marine creatures – Image:seatrekvietnam.com.

This Sea Trek is developed by the Sub Sea system from California. Now it’s available in Da Nang and Hoi An with the worldwide standard of the largest underwater walking brand in the world. Moreover, even non-swimmers and non-divers can join this interesting tour. All you need to know beforehand is walking and breathing!

Da Nang Food tour

Website: http://danangfoodtour.com/

An experienced trip can not be completed without cuisine. Hence, booking a Da Nang Food tour is a must to explore this coastal city to the fullest. Even in the early morning or in the evening, they are willing to guide you to every small eaterie down hidden alleys. You can choose among the Morning food tour with local breakfasts and famed Vietnamese coffee, or the Evening food tour to experience the pleasures of Da Nang dining.

da nang tour with morning food and evening food to please your stomach

Foreigners trying local dishes with guides of Da Nang Food tour – Image: danangfoodtour.com


Da Nang tour is a great way for you to find a local buddy guiding you on the journey. These are not just those who help you have a good trip but can also become true friends!