Da Nang shopping tips for the best shopping experience
shopping in da nang

The ultimate guide for shopping in Da Nang

When traveling in Da Nang, shopping must be a part of your journey. However, it’s not like shopping at malls or supermarket in your hometown. The range of items is wide, the quality and the way people trade is different either. Hence, there are some Da Nang Shopping Tips to make your trip to VZietnam an unforgettable experience.

Don’t purchase the brand name clothes in the market

da nang shopping tips

The first Da Nang shopping tip is that you should not buy brand name clothes in the market – Image: www.dalatcenter.vn.

The very first Da Nang shopping tips is that do not make a buy for those trendy or brand name clothes sold outrageously low price in the markets. Sometimes you can find tags “made in Vietnam”, “on sale” on them and the excuses “they have some defects so the factories sell them at a dirt cheap price”.

There are three main areas selling clothes as well as other fashion items: shopping malls, local markets and local shops along the streets. If you pay more attention to the quality of the goods than your wallet, just straight ahead to the malls. However, if you’re hunting for some good new pants or tees, with a “healthy” price to your budget, local markets are the place to be. Though they have the popular names on them like Nike, Supreme, Gucci, Dior, etc, most of them come from China. Furthermore, it can be a great “prank” for your friends in your homeland.

Bargain, bargain, bargain – indispensable Da Nang shopping tips

Since you choose markets to be the right place for clothes, the next Da Nang shopping tips you should be aware of is that you need to know how to haggle. It isn’t like shopping in malls, supermarkets, or convenient stores, the price of goods isn’t fixed in markets. As a result, the seller can easily rip you off by price-jacking.

da nang shopping tips

Bargaining is one of the Da Nang shopping tips you must follow Image: www.tin247.com.

Therefore, unfortunately, you will have to bargain most of the time to get a reasonable price. In fact, it’s a part of Vietnamese culture since through haggling, people can communicate, build up the relationship, develop persuading and negotiating skills. To win a better deal in Vietnam, take into consideration some Da Nang shopping tips:

  • Take it as a game and pretend to be a “chicken”. Remember to remain your smile and your friendliness to get a real bargain.
  • Since it’s a game, choose the right partner. If you fall in love with an item, don’t start with the first salesman. Just keep calm and go further, you will be shocked at the price you found later.
  • “Walking away” is an effective tool. When they say no with the price you offer, just walk away. If they call you back, you win the deal!
  • Study to use Vietnamese currency (VND) before getting lost in the markets. USD is just paper here.
  • Actually, bargaining is a tradeoff between time and money. So if haggling is so annoying and time-consuming for you, just forget it and pay for the worthy products and services.

Have your costume tailored – the Da Nang shopping tips not everyone knows

In case those ready-made garment cant meet your demand, another Da Nang shopping tips is that you can come to the tailored ones. While ordering a tailor-made suit from Louis Vuitton or Armani cost you much money and time to wait, it lasts only 3-5 days for a suit including choosing the fabric, designing, and tailoring. Besides clothes, you can have your shoes and apparels made to your size and preferred colors and styles at a significantly lower cost as well. Thus, it’s time to show off your fashion taste through your unique fashion items. You can find tailors in Han Market and Con Market. Moreover, you can find a local buddy to guide you the excellent tailors running their own business that only the locals know.

da nang shopping tips

You can have your shoes designed only for you in Da Nang – Image: thanhnien.vn.

Be alert to sale – Da Nang shopping tips for dirt cheap products

da nang shopping tips

Da Nang shopping tips: Be careful with the Big-sale traps along the streets!

As other countries’ “sale culture”, products on sale can no longer be attractive enough. Those are out of date fashion items, the old version of electronic devices, and so on. However, it’s not all. Because Vietnam’s law isn’t strict enough, the salesmen can easily mix low-quality goods (mostly fake products made in China). Therefore, when you decide to stop by a sale-off poster, you should check for the quality before making a payment.

Cheap products don’t mean a bargain

Like the sale-off concern, you should think twice when catching a hot deal item. It can be not only fake but also out of order. This mostly applies to garment products as well as electronic goods. The low price can come from the low cost of poor quality goods of unknown origin. On the contrary, expensive goods don’t mean high quality. Sometimes you might be ripped off by unkind salesmen. They can easily sell fake products at the authentic price. Therefore, it’s a good start to go shopping with your local buddies to their reliables shops.

Don’t overload – Da Nang shopping tips on your return

You have limited space in your suitcase, and limited luggage weight on the plane. So that you should be aware of what you gonna buy and what you’ve bought especially the heavy and massive items. In case you want to send some home over the post, you can ask the shops if they provide free shipping service or not.

da nang shopping tips

Digging in shopping might be fun at first, but the fun will end as soon as you try to pack those goods on your return – Image: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire.


Shopping in Da Nang isn’t actually an excursion. It’s a culture, a ritual and a lot of fun. With those Da Nang shopping tips above, hope you can make shopping one of the bullet point in your travel and be able to get some souvenirs off the shelf.