Da Nang museum - A journey to the fascinating history
Danang museums

Danang Museums – Journey to the fascinating history

Visiting the majestic natural destinations in Da Nang is a wonderful experience that you can see how beautiful this city is. However, to know more about people and culture, you should visit Danang museums where the overall picture of Da Nang from the first days until now is displayed clearly more than anywhere else. Let’s take a quick review top 4 museums in Da Nang city with us!

Cham museum – Top famous Danang museums

Cham museum is the first name appears in local people mind whenever mentioning about Danang museums. There are many reasons for this position in the local mind. The first reason is its location. Cham museum is in the most prominent location in the city. It is at the Dragon Bridge foot, where Nguyen Van Linh street, 2 Thang 9 street and Trung Nu Vuong street intersect. The second reason for its well-known is that there are many activities happen here every year. There are usually exhibitions here that people bring the diversified cultures from Asia gather in the space of Cham museum. Those activities attract a lot of local people and foreigners too. Thanks for them, people do not only know more clearly about the Cham culture but also the culture of the Asian country.

Danang museums

Danang museums – A journey to fascinating history

Nextly, Cham museum in Danang is the biggest museum in Vietnam which was built by French. It is not easy to find any Danang museums that have the unique style like this one. It collects all the exhibits from the centre area and highland provinces. Most of them are Champa sculpture art. These exhibits show the spiritual life and the culture of Cham folk as well as the Buddhism in thousands of years ago.

Even though it was built by French but it still represents the architecture of the Cham folk. There are 500 different exhibits are showing in Cham museum. However, it actually has more than 2000 ones in the museum warehouse.

The last but not least, Cham museum is one of the very few museums in the world show the Champa cultures from thousands of years ago. Therefore, even there are more and more Danang museums, but Cham museum still keeps the top location in local and tourists mind.

Dong Dinh museum – Best Danang museums location

Dong Dinh is one of the must-visit Danang museums not because of its exhibits but only due to its great location. This museum is located on Son Tra peninsula. Thanks for that great location, the museum shows the beauty of the ancient in the green scene of trees and mountains. That is the reason why people give it a name “Garden of memory”. There are four main parts of the museum. They are exhibition space, art exhibition space, national exhibition space and fishing village exhibition space. Each of these spaces has its own unique beauty and visual art.

Danang museums

Danang museums – A journey to fascinating history

People come here to see the old pottery exhibits which are thousands of years old rather than other Danang museums. They collect all of them from different regions in Vietnam. These exhibits are showing the most in two old houses in Dong Dinh museum. One more special thing in this museum is the houses to exhibit were made by Kim Bong artists. As a result, it follows the architecture of traditional Kim Bong style. Therefore, these houses also caught the care of archaeologists in Vietnam.

Besides, Dong Dinh museum is one of rare Danang museums that show the pictures of Champa fishing villages. These pictures have been taken since the 20th century. Furthermore, there is a national exhibition which was collected from the ethnic groups in near provinces. So that the Garden of memory is more diversified, colourful and attractive. It is not only exhibits from Vietnamese ancient cultures, but there are also usually artistic exhibitions of foreigners artists. It helps Danang tourism is more diversified and attractive to both domestic and international tourists.

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Danang Fine Arts Museum – The biggest Danang museums

Being the first and biggest museum in the centre area and highland provinces, Danang Fine Arts Museum is also one of the biggest Danang museums. Besides, this is also one of the three biggest museums in Vietnam. It shows more than 800 modern artworks and traditional handmade products of the artists.  They all come from the centre area and highland provinces.

Danang museums

Danang museums – A journey to fascinating history

The Danang Fine Arts Museum has three floors as one of the biggest Danang museums. Each of them has their own unique colours. The first floor is an art exhibition for kids. This is a good space to introduce the national artistic culture of Vietnam for education purpose. On the second floor, there is a modern art exhibition from Danang city and other highland provinces. There are lacquer painting, oil painting, silk, graphics and sculptures. The space for traditional art is on the third floor. Here exhibits handmade artworks from Danang.

Different from other Danang museums, the government of Danang Fine Arts Musem has held some painting contests in order to find out the most creative and valuable artworks for exhibitions in the gallery. These contests got attraction from famous artists in Vietnam. And it brought an unpredicted successful to Danang Fine Arts Museum. It provided a large high-quality artwork for the collections. Furthermore, it improved the diversification of exhibits in here.

Buddhist Culture Museum – One of the holy Danang Museums

If you visit the Marble Mountains, you must not miss the Buddhist Culture Museum which is located nearby. This is one of the good Danang Museums for you to explore and learn more about the Buddhist Culture of Vietnam in specifically and of the Asian countries in general.

Danang museums

Danang museums – A journey to fascinating history

The museum now is showing the ancient exhibits of the 7th to 20th century in the Buddhist Pagoda. There are more than 500 exhibits in the scale of the museum. However, as the limited area, there are only 200 exhibits are showing here. Besides the statues which are made from different types of stones, there are also hundred years old pictures. They do not represent the culture of Vietnam but also India and Asia.

The Buddhist Museum is one of the rare museums that show thousands of years of Champa culture and religion. Therefore, if you are a Buddhist, do not miss this museum when visiting Danang.