Da Nang airport - A full guide for the first-visit tourist
da nang airport and all you should know before boarding

Da Nang airport – A full guide for the first-visit tourist

Da Nang airport has two separate terminals for domestic and international. For those who visit the city for the first time, it might cause confusion. This is a full guide for you to have good preparation and not get lost in the airport.

Da Nang airport has two terminals which are separated

A few years ago, Da Nang airport had only one terminal in which domestic and international flights were in the same place. However, in recent years, when Da Nang has developed quite fast in the tourism industry, the city government decided to build a new terminal. All international flights were moved there. They set the name T1 for domestic terminal and T2 for the international one.

da nang airport is well equipped and good decoration

Da Nang International Aiport has a cool and modern design – Image: @mangryul.

The domestic terminal has two floors. The ground floor is the arrival hall. And the second floor is the departure area. Both Vietnamese people and foreigners who are currently in Vietnam use this terminal to move to other cities in Vietnam from Da Nang airport.

The international terminal has two floors two. As the same as the domestic terminal, the ground floor is for the arrival hall, and the second floor is the departure. From the domestic terminal, you need to walk about 5 minutes to reach the international terminal.

How to move between Da Nang airport and the city center?

Different from Ha Noi, to go from the airport to the city center, it takes more than 30 minutes. Da Nang airport is right in the city center. Therefore, you do not need to take to much time to move between these two destinations. It is also 6 kilometers and takes about 15 minutes to move from the airport to the city center.

da nang airport is the third biggest international airport in vietnam

Da Nang airport is the third biggest international airport in Vietnam after the airport in Ha Noi and Sai Gon – Image: @huang_hunz.

There are not many different options for the vehicle for you to choose from. You can choose to go by traditional taxi. Besides, if you have a good preparation before going to Vietnam such as installing some vehicle booking apps, you can choose to move by Grab. Or learn more vehicle booking apps at the link below. Additionally, you also can check for the bus schedule with the Dana Bus app to move from Da Nang airport to other destinations.

Convenient spots in the airport

Due to Da Nang airport is the third biggest airport in Vietnam, its facilities are well-equipped. There are so many restaurants and coffee shops inside the area of the airport. Therefore, if you need to wait for someone or something, just take a short relax in those places.

Convenient stores in the Da Nang airport

Passengers can have some food in the drink at the airport. Moreover, the duty-free stores are also great places to buy some stuff – Image: @ch___w_412

Additionally, there are duty-free stores inside the airport. You can find so many products here at attractive prices. There are alcohol, perfume, cigarettes, cosmetics, and snack products in these stores. Moreover, these duty-free stores also offer with handcraft and silk clothing which the locals produce themselves. However, do not forget to check if your luggage has enough space and free kilograms for buying more new stuff.


Even though Da Nang airport is not big enough for you to get lost easily, it is better to have a good preparation. Remember to come to the airport early and choose the right terminal since the domestic and international ones are not closed to each other. And it will take time for you to move between them if you make any mistakes.