Hoi An Sports Bar - Ideal place for sports' lovers in Hoi An, Vietnam
hoi an sports bar

Come to enjoy the favorite sports matches at Hoi An Sports Bar

The weekend is coming and your favorite sports match is coming too? You want to chill out with some alcohol drink but still not want to miss the match? Hoi An Sports Bar is willing to help you satisfy both needs!

About Hoi An Sports Bar

Hoi An Sports Bar is one of the most famous bars for sports’ lovers in the ancient town. There is not only great drinks to increase your relaxing feeling but also modern equipment for you to enjoy real-time international sports matches.

The bar provides customers with 25 screens around the space. Each of the screens shows different sports matches. Therefore, you do not need to worry about whether the bar shows the match you want to watch. You can choose the seat that has a good view of your favorite match. They usually live with AFL, NRL, Super Rugby, Cricket, and Premier League.

hoi an sports bar

There are not only screens to watch sports matches but also space to play games – Image: Hoi An Sports Bar.

Additionally, Hoi An Sports Bar also offers equipment for customers to enjoy sports games within the bar. They have billiards, dart game, shuffleboard, and so on. This is one of the most favorite places of expats in Hoi An whenever they want to find a place to satisfy their sports hobby.

Moreover, this is the place which offers the coldest beer in Hoi An. Having a cup of icy cold beer and enjoy your favorite matches with the like-minded people around. Shouting, laughing, and commenting together about the matches. It would be the best experience ever in your time living here.


The Hoi An Sports Bar is located at 505 Hai Ba Trung street. It is at the beginning of the ancient town. Therefore, it is easy for tourists to find direction. The bar is at the intersection of Hai Ba Trung and Tran Cao Van. It is not too crowded here. It is easy and convenient for you to come here whether you are coming to Hoi An from Danang or you are in Hoi An. The reason is that it is just 60 meters from the main road of Danang – Hoi An journey.

Moreover, it is on the way from Hoi An ancient town to Tra Que Culinary Village. Additionally, there are quite many famous places for visiting and food near this Hoi An Sports Bar. It needs a short walk for you to reach the most famous White Rose restaurant in Hoi An. Moreover, it is also near Hoi An Theatre where there are usually traditional art performances. Besides, from here, you just keep going straight to reach An Bang beach which is the most beautiful beach in Hoi An.

What does Hoi An Sports Bar have on the menu?

hoi an sports bar

Beer is the most popular and famous drink in this bar – Image: @Colobeerman.

It is not because this is a sports bar that they do not care about the drink. In contrast, there are more than 70 different drinks for you to choose from.

There are international bottles of beer such as Tiger beer, Heineken beer. Or some famous local beers such as Saigon Green. Moreover, there are different beers from so many countries for you to try. They include Australian, Italian, Thai, Belgians, Mexican, or Japanese beer.

Besides, if you want to try some new taste, you can pick craft beer bottle. It is the perfect mix of different types of alcohol. These drinks will bring to you a cool feeling in the hot sports matches. It helps your sports watching vibe more exciting and interesting.

Additionally, you can pick cider bottled, on tap, or other soft drinks. And Hoi An Sports Bar also has juice in case you cannot drink alcohol.

In a great space with full equipment to enjoy exciting sports matches and great drinks, the price is affordable. It is in a range of 40,000 – 100,000 VND per drink. And for a beer tower, the price is 150,000 – 290,000 VND depends on the litter you order.

What do tourists say about Hoi An Sports Bar?

Hereunder, we collect some tourists’ reviews about Hoi An Sports Bar. These stories are collected from TripAdvisors.

hoi an sports bar

Hoi An Sports Bar receives so many good feedbacks from customers around the world – Image: @Kirstyb107.

Craig O – a visitor from Australia has said:

“Great for watching sport multiple screens, went to watch AFL ( Australian football) no problem food and drinks good and responsible prices, go to their website for televised sport with times showing very handy.”

Mmyatt01757 from the USA left a review after spending time here:

“We always search for sports bars while traveling and this place was recommended by a British couple while we were in Ho Chi Minaj City. Glad we came very good pizza, a pitcher of beer, good TV, and Trang is a delightful and attentive bar hostess.”

Alison K from New Zealand has shared that:

“We visited this Bar numerous times during our 15 days stay in Hoi An. We were able to watch all the Sports we wanted to, take a break from walking about, and having a cold drink and a nice meal as well.”

Jonask387 from Spain said:

“Great sports bar with the best atmosphere in town. Good service and good prices. If you want to see football, NFL, rugby or so on this is the place you must go! Very nice and the passionate owner.”

Nicolig442 from the United Kingdom has said in TripAdvisor:

“Great place. Beer Towers were cheap compared to Hue. The atmosphere was nice, went there watching football.”