Christmas in Vietnam and how to have a great Christmas in Danang?

Christmas in Vietnam: What’s different from the Western? How to have a great Christmas in Danang?

Christmas is an important holiday in the West. But how about spending this wonderful holiday in a tropical country especially Vietnam? Let’s explore the Christmas in Vietnam and how to experience a great Christmas in Danang!

Christmas in Vietnam decoration

A cafe is decorated gorgeously on Christmas – Source: Kenh14

Christmas is a celebration of Jesus birth. Christmas Day is on December 25th. However, it is usually celebrated from the night before, on December 24th. To explain this, according to the Hebrew calendar, the beginning of a new day is sunset, not midnight.

The history of Christmas in Vietnam

Although the Christians had a small proportion in Vietnam, they used to celebrate Christmas in peace during the period of French colonialism. After Vietnam reunification in 1975, the Communists took over political power and Christmas was held in privacy. In the 1980s – the opening stage, Western culture gradually introduced into Vietnam and developed fast. Therefore, Christmas in Vietnam came back. From then, it has become one of the major festivals which is celebrated by most Vietnamese people in all religions. Phat Diem Cathedral in Ninh Binh Province is regarded as the spiritual home for seven million Vietnamese Catholics.

How Vietnamese people celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is not a public holiday in Vietnam. For that reason, people still go to work and all businesses operate as normal. However, you can feel Christmas in Vietnam through Christmas carols and sparkling decorated streets in every corner of the big cities like Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, and Da Nang.

One or two weeks before Christmas, many offices and shops are decorated with elaborate ornaments like stickers, Christmas trees, Santas images and so on. Don’t be like the Western, there are a few areas in Vietnam have pines so they use the artificial pine with glittering decorations to do a Christmas tree.

Furthermore, lots of shops have promotions or discounts on this occasion so you can easily have good deals. Especially in front of the big malls or bars, they decorate Christmas monumentally that many local and tourists coming to check in and take photos.

Christmas in vietnam santa clause on motorbike

Santa Claus on the motorbike, a unique image of Christmas in Vietnam – Source: ongbachau

What’s different of Christmas in Vietnam from other Christmas?

Christmas Eve is more important than Christmas Day in Vietnam. Therefore, on Christmas Eve night, there are so many Christians attending the celebration. After attending, Vietnam Christians return home to enjoy the Christmas supper. They still keep the original meaning of Christmas in Vietnam. That is the family gathering. Hence, the whole family gathers around the dinner table, prays together and enjoys delicious food. However, instead of Turkey and Christmas pudding like Western people, Vietnamese eat chicken soup and fruitcakes.

Christmas in Vietnam saigon

Many people hang out to celebrate Christmas – Source: trithucvn

For people who are not Christians especially young people, this is the time to relax and have fun with friends and family. Unlike the deserted streets in Western, there are many people hang out to celebrate Christmas. They go to restaurants, drink with friends at the boozers, or simply go to cafes for relaxing and chatting. Besides, this is an occasion to give beautiful wishes to your beloveds through presents, cute Christmas cards or a message. The exciting crowds, cheerful melodies, and shimmering city view have created a colorful Christmas in Vietnam.

Santa Claus on the motorbike and mini lovely Santa Claus

Like all the children in the world, Vietnam children also believe in Santa Claus. They always expect to receive Christmas gifts. But you know who is the real “angel” of this holiday. Parents usually order the Christmas gift service to have a Santa Claus giving presents for lovely kids.

Instead of riding the reindeers like the west, Santa Claus in Vietnam often ride a motorcycle with a large bag of gifts.  And the Santa Claus will not use the chimney as usual, he goes directly by through the main door. Anyway, it’s still a magic of Christmas night! Moreover, this is also a unique image of Vietnam Christmas. Otherwise, when you have Christmas in Vietnam, you will see lots of adorable kids in the Santa Claus costume on the streets. It’s so cute, right?

Christmas in Vietnam mini santa claus

Lovely mini Santa Claus on a Christmas celebration at school – Source: Vinschool

In addition, there are many individuals and organizations holding the charity events on Christmas to help the homeless, orphans, cancer patients and so on. This is also a beautiful thing as well as the great magic of Christmas in Vietnam.

Christmas in Danang: Where to go and what to do?

Explore the beautiful architecture of Danang Cathedral Church

Danang Cathedral is located at bustling Tran Phu Street. This is a city center so it’s so convenient to visit the church. This Cathedral Church is famous for its pink facade.

Danang Cathedral was built in 1923 under the French colonial. Therefore, the architecture has a Gothique style of the Catholic Church in the West. There are colorful glass door panels reflecting important events in the Bible. When in the interior, you will be impressive by its charming beauty thanks to the high dome and the pillars with delicately carved patterns. Especially, it has a chicken statue on the lightning rod to determine the wind direction so local people also call it “Chicken Church”.

On Christmas, they decorate the church so beautifully with brilliant lights. Many people come to celebrate and pray for Christmas. So, if you want to explore Christmas in Danang, this is a must-go place.

Christmas in vietnam danang cathedral church

Danang Cathedral Church on the Christmas Eve night – Source: Kenh14

Have entertainment and go shopping in the malls

On Christmas, there is always a big Christmas tree and other attractive decorations in front of every mall. Hence, lots of customers visit them to take photos. There are many services in the mall like restaurants, game arcade, cinema etc. They usually have promotions or special services on Christmas. Therefore, you can have a great time to see a movie, go shopping or have a good meal. These malls are an ideal place for families. Some recommendations for you are Vincom Center, Big C supermarket, and Lotte Mart.

Enjoy a real cold Christmas on Ba Na Hills

With the western architecture and the low temperature, you will experience a real Europe atmosphere if you have Christmas in Vietnam at Ba Na Hills.

From the November 20th to December 31st, Ba Na Hills hold the Winter Festival. The festival is immersed in bright colors. It is the brilliant red of the heart model which is made up of hundreds of flowers, the white and the green of Christmas tree covered with snow and glittering decorations. All of them make the magnificent beauty of Christmas at Ba Na Hills so it attracts many tourists coming.

Christmas in Vietnam Ba Na Hills

Christmas at Ba Na Hills blurred in the fog – Source: Nguoiduatin

Especially, Satan’s House with the name “The red house” is the most unique and favorable attraction here. Besides, during the festival, you can enjoy many interesting art shows from 10 AM to 15 PM each day.

Experience the high-quality services in Danang five-star hotels and resorts

If you want to experience a luxurious Christmas in Vietnam especially in Danang, you can join the party or buffets at five-star hotels and resorts. In the deluxe space and cozy atmosphere, you can enjoy delicious food and featured performances. Especially, you can have a relaxing time at the beautiful beachside resorts. Have you ever experienced Christmas on the tropical beach? Let’s try this to have an unforgettable memory!

Christmas in Vietnam highest christmas tree

The highest Christmas tree in Vietnam at the Coco Starlight Fest 2017 in Danang – Source: kenh14

If you still wonder about spending your Christmas in Vietnam, book a flight now to enjoy yourself. It’s not only a holiday but also a special beauty of cultural exchange between west and east. Unlike the bustle and noisy in Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh, you should try to enjoy the peaceful Christmas in Danang with the warm weather and the beautiful beaches. And wish you to have a merry Christmas or in the Vietnamese is “Chuc mung Giang Sinh”!