4 kinds of cheap short term house for rent in Vietnam you should skip
short term house for rent

Top 4 kinds of cheap short term house for rent in Vietnam you should skip

Normally, who want to have a long term in a new country will hire a house. But in some reluctant cases, you have to live in a short term house for rent. For instance, may you have a short trip for work or travel for medical care so you need family members to take care of. Then, living in a furnished house is the first solution. But if you’re on a low budget and want to hire a cheap house, these are factors you should consider cautiously. In these cases, even an extremely cheap renting fee, you should not hire the property. Here is about the house rental in Vietnam but it’s also applied to many countries in the world.

short term house for rent scary

Even it’s a cheap short term house for rent, you should be careful! – Photo: Internet.

Short term house for rent in the deserted areas

Finally, you can find a short term house for rent in Vietnam with a super cheap price, but don’t be glad soon. If your house located in a dead end or a remote area, you should review your decision carefully.

Living in a remote area will make your life miserable. It’s hard to access transportation and other utilities like market, mini-mart, school, hospital, bank, etc. Therefore, if you’re in an emergency and need urgent supports, it takes a long time to reach them. Or daily go shopping is also a trouble for going a long road, expensing fuel and wasting time.

short term house for rent in remote area

Renting a house in a remote area is not a good choice – Photo: Britt M.

Aside from the mentioned above area, you should not stay at a short term house for rent near the large fields, empty lands or cemeteries. According to normal thought and Feng Shui, these locations are not good for health and life. Imagine how can you live with the fear of hearing something scary. Moreover, safety is not assured when living in these properties. The rate of robbery is high so you’ll always live in worry, afraid of harm. To rent with a cheap price but with so many risks, you should consider it thoughtfully.

Short term house for rent in a seriously degraded state

short term house for rent doubtful

You should consider many factors before hiring a house – Photo: Internet.

With the house under the moldy state, it’s for sure you must not rent it. Located at the deep alleys give no or little sunshine into the house. Then, the house will be always under the dark and easy to be molded. Not only about the aesthetic aspect, but mold also makes your health falling in bad condition, even causes serious diseases. You’ll regularly catch a cold, have a fever and a headache if you live in this bad environment. Even more, when you have guests, it’s inconvenient to park vehicles as well.

short term house for rent degraded

A degraded house can cause dangers for your life – Photo: 4NEWS.

Otherwise, in case of the house being in degradation like a broken floor or large cracked walls, you should neither hire it. Even when you rent, you have to spend an amount of money for reparations. Compared with the cheap renting fee, the value you receive is not worthy. If you don’t repair the house, then the breakdowns can cause dangers for your life like a fire potential or a collapse. Hence, don’t risk your life and health for these kinds of short term house for rent.

Short term house for rent with amulets, Bagua trigram, and horror rumors

Vietnam is an oriental country so the spiritual life plays an important role in the locals everyday living. Thus, if you see a house with many amulets glued outside with Bagua trigram, you should be careful.

short term house for rent amulets alert

Some amulets in Vietnam – Photo: Internet.

Bagua trigram is one of the most famous and popular tools used in Feng Shui to protect or dispel houses in a bad direction. These houses are believed that lead bad lucks and illness to the owner. Besides, placing the trigram is not an easy thing to do. If you place it in the wrong position, it can bring unforeseen harm and disaster to the landlord or even neighbors. Therefore, when you see this sign in a house, it’s not a good thing at all.

short term house for rent Bagua alert

The image of a Bagua trigram – Photo: Internet.

Furthermore, if you can find a short term house for rent with a very cheap price sit at the prime location and in a good condition, you should wonder how strange it is. It might be that there something horrible took place in the property or living here gives nothing but terrible things. In that case, you should go asking the neighbors to know more about the house. If they are afraid of telling you or avoid giving the answer, don’t hire the house. There’s nothing scarier than when you don’t do anything but the awful things continuously come, might be even in the supernatural cases.

Short term house for rent with an ambiguous landlord and contract

short term house for rent landlord

You should be alert with an ambiguous landlord – Photo: VectorStocks.

As a foreigner, hiring a property is not as easy as locals. You may worry about being cheated, overprice or leaving out terms of the contract. Then, it’s even more dangerous if you work with an ambiguous landlord. They can use sweet words to entice you to rent the house. However, you should be alert if they can’t answer or explain clearly when you ask for more details and want to verify some legal papers of the property. In any case, at the moment you find suspicious or insecurity, find another short term house for rent is a better resolution. As you know, the sixth sense is really a thing so sometimes, let’s trust it!

short term house for rent ambiguous contract

Read the terms of the contract carefully before signing – Photo: Internet.

It’s the same with the leasing contract. If you find anything doubtful or unclear in the contract, you should ask the landlord again for sure. You can continue the rental unless they give you satisfactory responses.

In another situation when you can’t be sure about the terms or the Vietnam law, contact a reliable agency or local people to help you. Carefulness is the most significant thing because you don’t know when you lost more than a cheap short term house for rent you can have.


Don’t greed for the cheap price and live in a terrible short term house for rent that can cause dangers for your life. Just remember to inquire carefully and consider your decisions many times before having a deposit.