Cheap apartment for rent in Danang for a low budget
cheap apartment for rent le apartment overview

Cheap apartment for rent in Danang for a low budget

Renting an apartment with a low budget is the popular choice for anyone traveling to a new country. In case you’re looking for a cheap apartment for rent in Danang, here under are 2 nice options that you can consider.

cheap apartment for rent in Danang

You can hire a great apartment in Danang at a cheap price – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Cozy and cheap apartment for rent on the seaside of Danang

Nice atmosphere at a large street in the city center

Settled at 3 Thang 2 street, this cheap apartment for rent brings to you a cozy and modern living space. This is an airy street with many services surrounding. You can easily find food stalls or cafes nearby with just a few steps from the property. Especially, there are lots of boozers around. So don’t forget to pay a visit to these restaurants to enjoy delicious food and have a cup of beer with friends. These spots are very popular with locals so you can explore an interesting local lifestyle as well.

cheap apartment for rent le apartment door

The view of the apartment from the door – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Other utilities such as mini-marts, school, church, banks, etc are just within nearly 300 meters far away from the apartment. Moreover, with 4 minutes going on foot, you can reach the Han river. Take a walk along the riverside at night will help you to relax after a tired day. Or jog in the morning is also a great choice. For a vibrant nightlife, just 5 minutes of walking and you can get to Bach Dang street. This is the main street of Danang with many entertainments like bars, pubs. Most tourists come here to have fun and chill. At the same time, this spot is a good place to experience the serenity and sparkle of Danang at night.

Stylish and modern furniture with a cozy ambiance

cheap apartment for rent le apartment overview

The overview of this lovely studio cheap apartment for rent – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Overall, this cheap apartment for rent is stylish with most wooden furniture. Thanks to this, it gives a warm tone once you enter the room. As a studio apartment, the area is quite small but it’s still comfortable when living here.

Right after you enter the room, you can see the bathroom on the left hand. It has a white tone so the room is clean and bright. Then, you can see the lovely kitchen full of utensils like a kitchen hood, cabinet, electric stove, fridge, etc. Therefore, it’s easy to enjoy a cooked meal at home.

cheap apartment for rent le apartment kitchen

The kitchen is furnished with new utensils – Photo: Lodyhelp.

After, it is the main space including a bed, wardrobe, set of table and chair, satellite TV and a shelf. The furniture is in the light wooden material so they have a deluxe and welcoming feeling. On the other hand, the apartment is in the white tone of the floor, wall, and ceiling. Hence, you can see it bright and clean with just a glimpse. In addition, this cheap apartment for rent has a washing machine so you don’t need to do the laundry outside. It will help you to save money and time.

cheap apartment for rent le apartment bathroom

The bathroom is clean and bright – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Without windows, the property is quite stuffy. But with this cheap price and new amenities, this apartment gives you a snug hideout to experience a tranquil life in Danang.

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Airy cheap apartment for rent in Danang near the Dragon Bridge

Easy to reach any utilities from this cheap apartment for rent

Located at a bustling neighborhood, this cheap apartment for rent makes your life convenient. There are many eateries and cafes surrounding the property. Hence, you can have a wide range of choices for street food and Vietnamese cuisines. Besides, it takes only 3 minutes of walking to reach a fitness center and a spa. It helps you practice for a healthy life and have a relaxing time.

cheap apartment for rent livingroom

The airy cheap apartment for rent with simple wooden furniture – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Other utilities like the shopping mall, bank, market, school, etc are just within a radius of 300 meters from the apartment. Especially, it takes only a 6-minute walk to the Love Lock Bridge. Then, with a few steps, you can reach the Dragon Bridge. To see the fire and water breathing performance here on weekends is a must-do when in Danang.

Enjoy a comfortable and airy living space

cheap apartment for rent kitchen

The kitchen is small and has some basic amenities – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Despite the small area, this cheap apartment for rent offers an airy living space. Due to the studio type apartment, all the space are connected together. Once you enter the property, it has the kitchen on the right hand. It’s just a small space consisting of a wooden cabinet, a stove and a fridge. Therefore, it’s a little bit uncomfortable.

On the other hand, the property has a big size bed placed next to the large window. There is also a wardrobe beside the bed. Opposite the bed is a set of wooden table and chair to welcome the guests coming to the apartment. Most furniture is made of wood material so you can feel cozy when living here.

cheap apartment for rent bedroom wardrobe

There is a balcony beside the bed so you can enjoy the air from here – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Renting apartment

Instead of the narrow space, this cheap apartment for rent has big windows to let the sunshine into the room. It also helps the room more airy and bright. Particularly, the property has a balcony. Hence, you can stand here to watch the streets and enjoy the air. In case you want to add more greenish, placing some trees is a wonderful way.

cheap apartment for rent bathroom

The vintage wall in the bathroom makes the apartment look lovely – Photo: Lodyhelp.

The bathroom is tiny as well, but it’s clean and tidy. In addition, they set up the wall with vintage tiles so it looks lovely. With cleaning and security service included, this apartment is a great choice for your low budget.

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In conclusion

Danang is a hot destination so more and more people coming here to travel or live. With the development of tourism and accommodation service, it’s not easy to find a cheap apartment for rent here. With these two furnished properties, wish you can find one that meets your requirement and enjoy this beautiful city to the fullest! For more properties, you can visit Lodyhelp website to find a good one.