Tips to buy second-hand clothes at Con market Da Nang
con market danang

Buying second-hand clothes in Con Market Danang

Most of the tourists come to Con Market Da Nang look for food and souvenirs. However, most of the local people do not.

So what do they come to Con Market for meanwhile it always gets crowded? The answer is that they come to find second-hand clothes! Con Market is a paradise of second-hand clothes in Danang city. Moreover, there is also other second-hand fashion stuff such as handbags, shoes, wallets, and hats.

con market danang

Located in the city center, Con market is one of the biggest markets in town – Image: @Khyaang.

Con Market Danang – A witness of Danang development

Con Market Danang is located in the city center. This is the biggest local market in town. In the past, it even was the biggest market in the central area. People do not have a clear idea about when Con Market was built exactly. As the local people share, it appeared in the 1940s.

“Con” in Vietnamese is a hillock. “Con Market”, then, means a market on a hillock. In fact, the market was built on a hillock in the city. Thus, the locals called it by that feature. In the first years, the stalls were watch-towers. Time passed, the business in this market was better and better. Hence, they repaired the stalls into more solid materials.

food area

This food area is a very famous place for tourists when coming to Con Market Danang – Image: @Max_haze.

Until 1984, the government decided to rebuild Con Market into a three floors building. It still remains until today. There was a time the government tried to change the name into Danang Business Center. However, the locals got familiar with Con Market Danang. Hence, Con Market still is the official name of it.

Location of second-hand stalls

There are two gates to enter into Con Market Danang. One is on Hung Vuong street. Another is on Ong Ich Khiem street. To come for second-hand clothes, you should choose the gate on Ong Ich Khiem street. Just need to cross that gate, you will see a paradise of second-hand clothes. It usually opens from 4 PM until 7 PM. The time will change due to season. In the winter, it might close a bit earlier.

con market danang

The gate on Ong Ich Khiem street leads directly to the second-hand stalls – Image: @Yangyangyang0331.

There is no booth, no stand. The sellers spread the canvas on the ground to “pour” their products on them. It is called “pour” due to the reason that the products even are not arranged in neat order. It does not cause an inconvenience. In contrast, it has become a culture of second-hand stalls in Con Market. Moreover, buyers also can feel more comfortable and convenient when they usually can dig clothes up to choose their good ones.

Additionally, there is no roof in this area. It looks like the flea market. Therefore, on rainy days, there is no trading activity in these stalls.

Tips to buy second-hand clothes in Con Market Danang

Con Market Danang is a paradise of second-hand clothes as the local people say. There is a variety of both quality and style. Therefore, in order to have good shopping here, you need to keep some tips first.

No bargain in Con Market Danang for second-hand stuff

The most special thing in Con Market Danang is that there is no bargain. To the foreigners, the most difficulty when going to the market is a bargain. However, there is an unwritten law of second-hand clothes stalls is that “no bargain”.

bargain in Vietnam

Because the price of second-hand clothes here is so cheap, do not try to bargain. It does not work!

It is easy to understand. The price of products in this second-hand market is so cheap. It can be said to be never ever cheaper. There are 3 pieces of clothing at 10,000 VND. There are still pieces at 15,000 VND, 20,000 VND or 30,000 VND. To the stuff such as coats, the price will be a little bit higher. It can be up to 100,000 VND. Thus, there is no reason to bargain a 10,000 VND piece to 5,000 VND.

However, this unwritten law is only available for the second-hand stalls. When coming to buy products from other stalls out of this area, you are better to bargain. Or you might pay double to triple on its real price.

Check clothes carefully before deciding to buy

The second-hand clothes in Con Market Danang have been through three times of picking up the good quality ones. Their old owners after filtering from their wardrobe, they will sell them for the traders. The traders, then, choose the good quality to resell for the first time. The filtered products will come to the second-hand shops which are well known in town. After that, they will bring the rest to Con Market at super cheap price. As a result, there might be torn or smears that they do not filter. Thus, make sure to check the clothes clearly before buying it.

Do not go on the weekend

the second hand market in Danang

Con Market is always full of people on the weekend – ImageL Foody.

Con Market in Danang is quite crowded on the weekday. It is even much more crowded on the weekend. On these days, the market attracts so many local people come to find second-hand clothes. Moreover, other areas such as souvenirs or food also welcome a huge number of tourists come to visit. Hence, if you have time, it is better to come on the weekday. It will be more comfortable for you to choose your clothes.

Be careful with thieves in Con Market Danang

The last tip but not least is to be careful with thieves. There are not always but quite usually thieves in Con Market Danang. They take advantages of the crowd to steal your assets. Therefore, the best way is that do not bring expensive personal belongings with you when coming here. The best option is to bring only a phone and money to buy clothes.