Vietnamese breakfast - Let's start a day as a local Vietnamese
breakfast is the most important meal to the vietnamese

What do Vietnamese people have for breakfast?

Western parents always say something like “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, or “spoiled kids will not receive gifts from Santa Claus”. Similarly, Vietnamese parents also have their slogan “Skip anything but not the breakfast”. Hence, many people grow up believing that skipping breakfast is an irrational eating habit. In fact, breakfast is so important to the Vietnamese that they’ve made numerous special dishes for the morning meal.

The most popular Vietnamese breakfast thought out the country

Banh Mi (Bread) – The most common Vietnamese breakfast

After invading Vietnam, the French popularized their cultures and cuisine to this colonial land through baguette and paté. And in an unexpected way, the Vietnamese combined those ingredients with local ingredients to create the world-famous Banh Mi. Not only foreigners but also the locals love to take a huge bite of this dish every morning. It is because of the variety of materials providing enough essentials nutrients to start a long day. You can find a sufficient amount of carbohydrates in the loaf of bread, proteins, and fats in meat, and some vitamins included in veggies and pickles. In addition to that, a loaf of Banh Mi is only 20 centimeters long that you can easily hold in one hand.

Early in the morning, you will see students of officers eating Banh Mi even while riding. Though it’s not clean, it’s a great way to save time. Hence, because of its convenience, nourishing, and above all, the deliciousness, Banh Mi become the most common Vietnamese breakfast.

banh mi is the common vietnam breakfast

Banh Mi is the most common breakfast in Vietnam – Image:

Xoi (Sticky Rice) – “Shortcut” of Vietnamese traditional meal

Vietnam is an agricultural country with many different kinds of rice, divided into two main types: sticky rice and ordinary rice. The rice the Vietnamese eat in their daily meals is the original one. Meanwhile, the sticky rice is usually used for breakfast. Sticky rice takes a longer time to digest than the original rice so that people can have enough energy for the whole morning. Plus, instead of spending hours to prepare for the side dishes, they can stop by street vendors for any sticky rice’s side dishes they want. There’s a wide range of toppings including vegetarian dishes such as nuts, mushrooms, or meat such as pork, beef, or even grilled quail. You can see sticky rice vendors in front of the schools or buildings that are crowded in the early morning.

sticky rice the popular breakfast for students

Xoi (Sticky Rice) is a convenient dish for breakfast for students and officers – Image:

What do the people in Southern Vietnam have for breakfast?

Com Tam (Broken Rice) – Must-try breakfast in Ho Chi Minh City

Though the Vietnamese rarely have rice for breakfast, Com Tam is an exception. Com Tam has the same format as Xoi above including rice and some toppings. Though you can choose among many kinds of toppings, the toppings for a breakfast meal are fixed with grilled pork chopped, shredded pork skin, and pork-egg custard. People sell Com Tam in all districts, everywhere from luxury restaurants to vendors. Hence, you can stop by any food stall on the way to your school or office and serve yourself a dish. There is no better way to start a day than aromatic grilled pork with special sweet and sour fish sauce.

com tam provide enough nutition for a hard-working day

Com Tam to start a hard-working day in Ho Chi Minh City – Image:

Hu Tieu (Clear Rice Noodle Soup) – Common morning meal in the Mekong Delta

Hu Tieu is originated in China, imported to South West Vietnam years ago. The locals here have adjusted the recipe to adapt to the local taste and made it a famous Vietnamese dish. It’s a dish of noodles, pork, shrimp, quail egg, pork liver, etc. Hu Tieu can both be served dry or wet. In hot weather, people prefer Hu Tieu thanks to its cool taste, whereas, on winter days, a bowl of hot Hu Tieu soup can warm them up.

hu tieu is the popular breakfast in south west vietnam

Dry Hu Tieu is for the hot day while the one with hot soup will warm you up in winter – Image:

How to start a day in the Central of Vietnam?

Bun Bo Hue (Hue Beef Noodle) – The spicy breakfast for an energetic day

Among plenty of noodles in Vietnam, the Hue people mark their name on the cuisine map with Bun Bo Hue. The main ingredients are noodles, beef, pork ham, and beef broth. They also add a little spicy flavor from chili powder. Since it’s a seaside city, spicy food is necessary to keep them warm on cold days.

bun bo hue is the most common breakfast in central vietnam

Bun Bo Hue is the spicy breakfast dish of Central Vietnam – Image:

My Quang (Quang Noodle) – Da Nang popular morning meal

My Quang is considered as the symbolic breakfast in Da Nang. A bowl of My Quang consists of chicken, pork, shrimp, peanuts, quail eggs, fresh vegetables, and especially the fatty sauce. Moreover, they also serve a crispy rice paper aside to give customers an unforgettable experience.

da nang people usually have my quang for breakfast

People in Da Nang usually have Quang Noodle for their breakfast – Image: Instagram/@thaolam2302.

Let’s start a day with the citizen in Northern Vietnam

Banh Cuon (Steamed Rolled Rice Cake) – Traditional Hanoi’s morning treat

I know you can’t wait to try the original Pho right in the capital Hanoi, but it’s so sad that you need to get up very early. Hence, if the jet lag prevents you from enjoying this famous dish, don’t worry because you can come for Banh Cuon. It’s made of thin and curled steamed rice flour in which there are pork and mushrooms padded. Banh Cuon is served with Vietnamese ham (Cha Lua), some veggies and a bowl of sweet-sour fish sauce, the soul of the dish. Thanks to the light but full of nutrition, Banh Cuon is usually a go-to choice or many Hanoians.

hanoians love banh cuon for breakfast

Banh Cuon for a late morning in Hanoi – Image: Instagram/@thuyseatbook_

Mien Luon (Eel Noodle)

Mien has a similar shape to Bun made of seaweed or cassava flour. This ingredient is the key to making this dish less calorie. Furthermore, eel or chicken, the most favorite topping of Mien are also the food for diet. Hence, if you need something to please your stomach in the morning but don’t want to gain weight, this dish is suggested.

mien luon good breakfast for cold days

Mien Luon is a great breakfast for those who want to lose weight – Image:


Some of you may still think that the Vietnamese have Pho for all daily meals. Thus, when you’re in this food paradise, please spend time trying those common breakfast dishes above. If you want to know more about Vietnamese life, why don’t you start a day like a Vietnamese?