Danang property renting - All you should know before renting an apartment
danang property renting

All you should know about Danang property renting

The real estate market in Danang city is in the hottest period ever in history. As a result, Danang property renting rises up too. This market is extremely active with millions of transactions per month. In this competitive situation, the property owners always improve their services in order to bring the best experience to the customers so that they can get more competitive advantages.

danang property renting

What you should know before making a decision of property renting – Image: The Plumbette.

In the time that the Danang property renting is sharp fluctuation, what do the tourists and foreigners need to be aware of? What should you prepare before coming to visit an apartment and making a decision? What new in the Danang apartments for rent that you should notice? How is the price range of Danang apartments for rent? And so many more questions that make you confuse when moving to Danang city to start a new life.

Hereunder, we give you some tips that you should not miss when finding an apartment in Danang city.

What is a good apartment in Danang?

danang property renting

Finding a good apartment make your life in the new town better and more wonderful – Image: Mashvisor.

Danang is a famous coastal city which is a top destination in Vietnam. With a long and soft sand coastline, My Khe – one of Danang beaches – is one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet as Forbes record. Therefore, when moving in Danang, there are so many people try to find an apartment near this beach so that they can enjoy the coastal life.

However, if you know clearly about Danang property renting, it is not necessary to live near the beach. Danang is not a too large city. Hence, you can drive around the city in just a few minutes. Additionally, Danang has 3 directions covered by the beaches. No matter which district you choose to live, you still can be easy to access the beach. All you need is just a motorbike and a map to not get lost.

Danang property renting situation

danang property renting

The real estate market in Danang is developing fast which leads to an increase in the demand for Danang property renting.

Danang property renting is in a high and fast development period. It has been a city which attracts a huge amount of real estate investment for many years. There are many reasons for this attraction. First of all, this is a coastal city with many beautiful beaches that attract thousands of millions of tourists around the world each year. Therefore, the demand for accommodation is really high. Additionally, the government strategy is to develop Danang to become a top leading city in the country. Thus, they allow international investments. Finally, since Danang is a worth-living city with beaches, mountains, friendly environment, there are so many people around the world want to move here to start their new life. Thus, the demand for residence increases so fast this time.

Today, most of the Danang property renting gathers near the beach and in the city center. Besides, the favourite apartments are those with a good location such as transportation convenience, near the malls or beauty center and so on. These conditions are the highlights of the popular districts in Danang city. Hence, you can choose to stay in those locations when moving to Danang such as Hai Chau, Ngu Hanh Son, Son Tra and Lien Chieu.

danang property renting

The most popular location of the property for rent in Danang is the main districts including Hai Chau. Lien Chieu, Ngu Hanh Son and Son Tra.

What is the price range of Danang property renting

The price range of Danang property renting is varied. Moreover, it less fluctuates than the real estate market in general. The difference in the price depends on the location, numbers of bedrooms and facilities of that apartment. The more bedrooms number it has, the higher rental it is.

In general, there are two ranges of the price of Danang property renting. They are popular and luxury ranges of price. The high-quality serviced apartments might have the range price from 500 USD to 1,500 USD per month. In contrast, the popular apartments for rent are usually from 250 USD to 500 USD in the monthly rental.

danang property renting

The apartment monthly rental in Danang is not higher than 1,500 UDS.

How about the security of Danang property renting

There are two main security problems that you should care when finding Danang property renting. Firstly, it is your personal information security. The fact is that most of the Danang property renting agents are from real estate companies. Therefore, they work professionally and there is no situation of information lacking. Moreover, when you sign into a property renting contract, you are protected under Vietnamese law. Hence, there is nothing to worry about this security issue.

danang property renting

When signing in a rental contract, you are under the protection of local government – Image: Escon Arena.

Another security problem is about safety when staying in the Danang apartments. Due to the difficult competition in the Danang property renting market, the properties’ owners try to improve not only the services but also the facilities. Thus, most of the apartments in Danang city have a security camera to protect the resident. Moreover, there are so many properties also have 24/7 security to guarantee that there is no stranger can get into the building.

Are pets allowed in Danang apartments for rent?

danang property renting

Pet allowed or not depends on different properties.

This is a big question which most foreigners wonder when finding a Danang property renting. The reason is that there is not a clear policy for pet feeding in Vietnam. Moreover, the stories of dog meat in Vietnam might make foreigners more confused.

In Danang city, pet allowance depends on the different properties. Some apartments allow pets, some do not. Therefore, before deciding to move to a new apartment in Danang, you should make it clear that pet is allowed or not so that there will be no pity things occur.


Danang is a tourist city with famous beaches. However, it is still fine if you choose to live in the city center or where it is not near the beach. As it is easy for you to reach the beach whenever you want with a motorbike. Moreover, it is the time that the real estate market in Vietnam fluctuates sharply. Thus, be careful with the information about Danang property renting. Visit Lodyhelp.com for trusted property information!