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About us


Experience local lifestyle, local food, local culture and local services

Make memories with local people

Discover the real Vietnam together


A local

A friends

A community


Help to find a home with detailed information and true photos

Provide travel and services information in a new town

Always support you whenever you have problems or questions

Case 1

Case 1
When you want to find a nice property!

Have your great home within some easy steps. Once you enter Lodyhelp website, you see the search bar immediately. First, enter the keywords like City or District name or 1-bedroom apartment, 2-bedroom apartment etc. Second, enter your budget and how many beds or baths that you want in your property. Final, click and you will see magic. Suitable properties will appear in the column-format and map screen. When you silde down, you will see the specific information and real photos of properties. Discover Property now to find your dream home!

Case 2
When you don't know what to eat, where to go or which services in new town

Eco-services provide information about “Food”, “Meet up”, “Shopping”, “Transport rental”, “Gym”, “Laundry”, and “Pet shops”. Through many filters, you can easily find a place that meets your needs. Example for a meet-up space with friends, gourmet information or where to shop for favorite things. Besides, you can set your location to find nearest places. In case you’re being confused with lots of services, “Popular” tag will save your life. They are famous or favorable services in local. Moreover, you can reviews your experience on the services. Eco-services are born to help your everyday living convenient!

Case 3
When you want to explore and experience Vietnamese culture

“Blog” is a reading corner about all you need and wish to know in local. It includes “Life hack”, “Guideline”, “Trends in local” and “Property”. “Life hack” shows you local manners and opens cultural hidden sides.” Guideline” is a guidebook for your daily concerns like transporting, emergencies, etc . You can find what’s trending in local or upcoming events on “Trends in local”. And for the last is “Property” with specific articles about your ideal property as an expat, a student or someone else.
Let’s explore Blog to update the real version of Vietnam!


LODYHELP helps you find a property and provides information about essential services to support your daily life when in Danang or Hoi An. We aim to be not only a service but also a local buddy. Like a friend, we hope you have a convenient life and good local experience with our help.

To search for a property on Lodyhelp site, you just need to follow these following steps:

Step 1: Enter the LODYHELP website.

Step 2: Enter your criteria on the search bar.

Step 3: Click the search icon button.

Step 4: Appropriate properties appear on column-format and map screen. On the map screen, it has a “Tracing” feature so you can get direction from your property to other places.

It’s very convenient for you to find a suitable property.

Click on the “Advanced search” to have more filters. It helps you to sort out the properties.

To see the details of the property, you can click on the title of that property and read more information about that in the new display. If that information is still not what you wish to know, you can contact us for more via phone number (+84) 934 995 855 or email sales@lodyhelp.com.

If you want to see the property in real life, contact us to get the exact address. Then you can go to see the property and negotiate with the landlord directly about terms and contract.

Local buddy is a friendly, young, dynamic and enthusiastic local who helps you to explore the culture and local life. Lodyhelp connects you with local buddies for your realest Vietnam experience.

Contact us or leave a message at the right bottom messenger box and we will introduce a local buddy to help you. In this case, you will be charged a small fee.

LODYHELP messenger pops up at the right bottom of every page. When you have emergency questions or problems and need the answers soon, chat with us right away! The messages will be sent to fan page. On the other hand, “Contact us” is where you want to advertise on LODYHELP or have problems that are not a priority and can wait for a solution.

About properties, you can contact our sale officer through phone number (+84) 934 995 855 or email sales@lodyhelp.com to get information.

In terms of services, you contact the shop directly through the address and phone number we have posted on the website.

You can get in touch with us so we will check the information and try our best to contact them for you.

LODYHELP reserves the rights to all content, images, videos or under other forms (created by us or be attached our logo) that are provided on this site. You cannot be used without our prior permission. For more detailed, please read Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies.

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– Office hours: 8:00 – 17:15 (except weekends, holidays, New Year’s holidays, Lunar New Year holidays)

– The response to your inquiries will be in English, Vietnamese and Japanese only. Thank you for your understanding.

– Please understand that we cannot offer any assistance regarding inquiries about the problems between you and landlords or the services. We don’t have a right to involve in the contract between you and the landlord or the experience you have when using services.

– We do not have any kind of monetary support.

– We give information ONLY, not help as a real person in inquiries like moving to vietnam and any kind of visa-related inquiries.

Registration of inquiries

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