Bars in Hoi An - 5 tips you should know when going to a bar in Vietnam
bars in hoi an

5 tips you should know when going to bars in Hoi An

Going to bars in Hoi An is an interesting experience when visiting this ancient town. However, as the local culture here is unique, there are some tips that tourists should know when going to bars.

Bars in Hoi An are not as crowded as in other cities. Moreover, these bars are also not luxurious and sparkling with colorful lights. They, in contrast, have a light and delicate ancient beauty. With warm lights and yellow walls, bars in the ancient town are special and worthy to experience once.

However, Vietnamese culture is deeply local. Moreover, the local culture in Hoi An is more special since it is a combination of Chinese, French, Japanese, and Vietnam. Additionally, the Vietnamese government is quite strict in rules for bars and drinking. Hence, there are quite many things that tourists need to know before coming to bars in Hoi An.

bars in hoi a

Bars in Hoi An is not big, not too crowded, as well as not too noisy with hard music – Image: @woopwoopbarhoian.

Bring personal identity card when going to bars in Hoi An

It is not only in Vietnam but in other countries, you need to bring personal identity card when coming to any bars. When going to bars in Hoi An, it is better if you have your ID card within. There is the only person who is older than 18 years old is allowed to enter into a bar in Vietnam. Additionally, a Vietnamese can only drink alcohol if she/he is older than 18 years old too. Therefore, sometimes you will be asked to show your identity card to make sure this rule. It is not an optional rule of any bar but the government regulation.

It is necessary for you to bring your ID card when going to a bar in Vietnam.

Do not bring any luxurious and expensive stuff

In Vietnamese tradition, the local people like showing their wealth by wearing expensive accessories. They are usually made of gold. The more accessories they wear, the wealthier they are. Hence, you can be easy to see the local people wear so many golden accessories on special occasions such as parties or friends gathering. However, in daily life, local people usually do not wear them.

do not wear luxurious and expensive accessories to the bar

Luxurious and expensive accessories will make you catch the attention of the thief and bad people in a bar.

Bars in Hoi An and any other bars in Vietnam is quite complicated. The local people do not wear too many accessories even this is an occasion to gather with friends. When you bring luxurious and expensive stuff, it needs you to have an eye on it more frequently. Moreover, when you drink alcohol, you might not have good control to take care of your stuff. Hence, it is better to not bring any expensive stuff within when going to a bar.

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Choose the right dresses

The Vietnamese have a sentence stated that people eat for themselves but choose dresses to wear is for everybody to look at. Therefore, they always want to be the best looking when they go out and gather with friends. But over all of them, the Vietnamese always choose to have a suitable dress more than a sparkling one. That is the reason why there are so many bars require their customers to have a suitable dress when entering into their space.

bars in hoi an

There are some bars allow customers to wear short pans but some do not – Image: @woopwoopbarhoian.

It is not that all bars in Hoi An require customers to wear suitable dresses. However, there are still some do. You cannot enter if you are wearing a tank top or a short with a slipper. Or in some bars, the male cannot wear short pan which is not long over your knee. Thus, before going to any bars, it is better to learn more information to know whether it is necessary to prepare a dressing. Additionally, Vietnamese people do not prefer wearing low-necked. Hence, no matter where are you from, it is better to have the right dresses for bar time.

Spend tips for the waitress at bars in Hoi An

Tips for the services you have just been served is not only in western countries but also popular in Vietnam. It is a way to say thank to the waitresses and staffs who have just serve you. Moreover, it is also a way to appreciate the chefs or bartenders who make your foods and drinks. There is a rule in Vietnam when you go to a restaurant is that the tip money is always needed. However, remember that in Vietnam there is no way to estimate the amount of money you would tip. It does not depend on the amount of money on the bills. It depends on how luxury the venue is.

tip for staffs is a food way to say thank them

Tip money is not a bad thing in Vietnam and Hoi An. In contrast, it is a good way to show how you thank and appreciate their job to bring you a convenient time.

When going to bars in Hoi An, you should implement this. It is a way to say thank to the local waitresses as well as bartenders who make your drinks and brink to you a wonderful chilling space. Moreover, if you are overdrinking, they are the ones who grab you a car so that you can be back home safely.

Do not receive the drinks from anyone else except the staffs

There are different types of people in not only bars in Hoi An but others too. A bar is an ideal place for a bad person to do a terrible thought. The easiest way for them to attack you is via drinks. If you are not careful enough, they might add some wrong thing to your drink such as narcotics or cocaine. This is not a rare case in the Vietnam bars. Therefore, it is better if you do not receive drinks from a stranger in a bar. Moreover, if you leave for a while, you should have your trusted friend cared about your drink. In case you go alone, it is better to have a new drink after coming back.

do not receive drinks from a stranger in a bar

There are so many cases in Hoi An that customers receive drinks from strangers and be in trouble then.

With these small tips, wish you have a wonderful and comfortable time to enjoy the unique vibe of bars in Hoi An.