Tet is the biggest traditional holiday in Vietnam.

Being with the agriculture for thousands of years, Tet is the biggest traditional holiday in Viet Nam when people take a long rest between the harvest and continue to start successful ones. Tet is on the first three days of January of lunar calendar which is normally in the first half of February follows the international calendar. This is the time for people to come back to hometown and gather with family in the meals, clean up and re-decorate the house. Furthermore, it is time for people to forgive all the mistakes in the last year and start a new year with kind, nice and happiness. Even of the biggest tradition, it is not only for the local people. This is one of the best chance for foreigners to learn about local culture. If you keen on Vietnamese culture, do not miss out this chance!

However, there are not all foreigners in Vietnam enjoy the Tet holiday. Let’s see how they say about their Tet experience in Vietnam!

“Enjoy with a local family. I think this would be awesome. You will get full emotion of Tet in Viet Nam. Very warm and full of love.”

said Riga P.

“Do what I will do. I will hang out with my Vietnamese family and have good time and go to the provinces and eat great food.”

said Alexander Mekhail

“I have no family here to come back home.”


All the stores are closed for days.

You might find it is difficult to enjoy the Tet holiday in Vietnam since your friends come back to their hometown, the stores are closed so you cannot buy anything to eat, the local shows are in Vietnamese and you do not understand, even your favourite coffee shop also closes.

To us,

Tet is the family reunion with full of love. Without the mother’s dishes such as pork with eggs or Banh Chung, Banh Tet, it is not Tet anymore. Tet is also the time to recovery, clear all the old things and start a new year with new happiness. Therefore, we close all the stores to renew them. The new clothing for the house is the new luck of the year.

And, the most specially traditional activity in Tet Vietnam is “Xong dat”. It is when the first one comes to your house on Tet is who brings happiness to your family during the year. Hence, just come with us! You all are welcomed to our houses!

So what else besides going to a bar that can you do for a meaningful and happy Tet holiday in Vietnam?

In Tet, people become more friendly and concord. Life seems slowlier, deeper and easier on these days. Let’s enjoy this remarkable cultural beauty with us! Find for you a local friend, come to their houses to make Banh Chung, Banh Tet or join the traditional Tet activities, Tet will not be the lonely days in Vietnam anymore. We always welcome you - all foreigners - to our biggest holiday of the year. Be happy like a local!